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10 декабря 2020 г. 11:56

Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults Gets Aired on HBO Max

A new series titled “Heaven's Gate: The Cult of Cults” has aired on HBO Max. The documentary series is about the inception and the ultimate cease of a mysterious cult.

On March the 26th, 1997, almost 40 members of a cult named “Heaven's Gate” killed themselves inside a house in the city of San Diego. Why did they do it? They were told to do it by their leader named Marshall Applewhite, who believed that they should get on board the ship that is lagging behind the incoming Hale-Bopp comet.

The new docuseries explores why a cult-like “Heaven's Gate” inspires such a huge fan following and how its leaders can brainwash a large enough group to perform such an act.

The series starts with a scene in which an aged man with the name “Do” inspires a group to leave the Earth because, you know, “it's time.”

In the initial moments, we are taken back twenty-two years before the mass suicide of 1997, and we witness an enactment of Applewhite and his partner in crime (literal) Bonnie recruiting masses to his cult. The docuseries is an investigative approach as we also see its director Clay Tweel talking to a sociologist who has studied the cult. The docuseries also features some of the interviews he had with the former members of the cult who had timely moved out of it before the suicides happened in '97.

Nobody knew anything about “Heaven's Gate” up until '75, but even then, nobody took it seriously. Ti and Do went about their business in the shadows, and despite certain reports that kept on emerging about people disappearing from the conferences, the cult stayed alive for two decades. However, there was no one at that time who could have predicted that it would end like this.

The docuseries is reminiscent of a recently released series “The Vow” and “Seduced.” Both of them are NXIVM related docuseries, but though “Heaven's Gate” came before it, it was less threatening and influential than the other cults that have already been examined by the sociologists. Now that you know about this cult, you must agree that its practices and beliefs are the craziest things you can hear all your life.

The docuseries is about an organization. It explores its strangeness and tells us how its weirdness is quite unique in nature. Despite all of its crimes, “Heaven's Gate” was a lot different than other cults.

You like me must feel that Tia and Do must have brainwashed those 40 people to kill themselves. However, only if you can see the series, you would understand that Tweel has tried to show the truth, which is quite far from any “brainwashing” or “coercion” techniques that we generally associate with a terrorist group.

“Heaven's Gate” was not a terrorist group. It was a cult. A true and weird cult.

Tia and Do only attracted those who believed in their ideologies. There was no coercion. No influence. No power.

People who doubted Tia and Do went their separate ways, and those who stayed followed them out of their own free will. Nobody had forced them to kill themselves on March the 26th, 1997. They died because of what they believed in.

Their beliefs had forced them to follow Tia and Do up until their last breath. You can wonder what would have been their last thought.

“Heaven's Gate” is a tragic story of blind faith.


Source url: - https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/12/10/heavens-gate-the-cult-of-cults-gets-aired-on-hbo-max/

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