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9 декабря 2020 г. 09:22

Top 5 Moon Phase Apps for Android

The Moon is the only satellite of the Earth, and almost every person on the planet likes it. People write songs about it, stare at it with a telescope, and even write stories about it. Additionally, it has cultural values in some countries as well. However, there are plenty of Moon phase apps available on the Google Play Store, and most of them have a 4.5 rating. So it was very difficult for us to decide the top 5 Moon phase apps, but somehow, we managed to do that. Here are the apps.


1Weather is a fantastic weather app that features a daily forecast, a current temperature, a weather reader, a 10-day forecast, a 12-week forecast, and various other useful stuff. It also includes Moon phases. It tells you various phases of the Moon along with the next two phases and their dates. The app works very well and is available for free to use with ads, but you can remove ads by making a payment of $1.99.

Daff Moon Phase

Daff Moon Phase is another pretty fantastic Moon phase app that features full information about lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, sunrise and sunset times, day length, and of course, a full Moon phase calendar. Additionally, the app boasts five different widgets, information about the eight planets, and customizable push notifications. Daff Moon Phase is entirely available for free with no advertisements, but it contains an optional donation option for in-app purchases.

Google Assistant/Google Search

Google Assistant and Google Search are excellent apps; they are useful for various purposes, to know about the Moon phase is one of them. You can simply ask Google Assistant about the Moon Phases, predictions, eclipses, or various other stuff, and the app will show you the most relevant results. Google Assistant is an integral part of Google Search, and it uses Google Search to show you the results. However, You can even use Google Search to show you the same result as Google Assistant.

My Moon Phase

My Moon Phase is a pretty amazing Moon phase app that shows you various stuff, including a calendar of upcoming Moon phases, the current Moon phase, golden hour and blue hour time, Moonrise and Moonset times, and many more. The app even includes some basic weather features such as cloud cover so that you can plan your Moon viewing experiences properly. It has a straightforward user interface. You can use this app for free, but the free version comes with ads that you can remove if you want by making a payment of $1.99.

Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon is quite a popular Moon phase app that includes a variety of basic features such as Moonrise and Moonset times, a Moon calendar, and of course, the Moon phase. It even features a 3D simulation made by NASA, a live wallpaper, and an interactive and educational Moon map. It is undoubtedly an excellent app for the educational value you can use entirely for free, but the free version contains ads. You can remove ads from the app if you want, but for this, you will have to pay $1.99.

So, these are all the Moon phase apps that we found interesting and want to recommend you. Give them a try. Thank you for reading the article. Have a great day!


Source url:-https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/12/09/top-5-moon-phase-apps-for-android/

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