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4 марта 2020 г. 13:18

Fortnite Season 2: How to Steal Security Plans for Yacht, Rig or Shark

The most anticipated season of  Fortnite  has finally arrived, and gamers across the globe have already acclaimed it. The Season has appeared with lots of new aspects that have altered the gaming experience of Fortnite a lot. The new season has also brought several events that are quite beneficial for gamers to fetch  rewards  and  XP .

Although Fortnite events are quite easy to accomplish, the new Season's mission is bit intricate as compared to previous Season. One of the missions that are hindering the gamers a lot in attaining rewards is unlocking of  Shadow  or  Ghost style  for  Brutus . The mission requires gamers to steal security plans of the enemies from three specific locations; Yacht, Rig, and Shark, then players need to deliver these subsequent plans to Shadow or Ghost.

We have manifested below a proper workaround that will help you to accomplish the subsequent mission. Read the below-written article thoroughly to accomplish your purpose.

Steal plans from yacht

Gamers have to first visit the  Yacht  that is lying in the  Northeast  section. There are various henchmen that have been placed by AI to hinder gamers from accessing into the vessel. Gamers need to get access to the Yacht without alerting  Henchmen , and then, they should head straight to the  water's surface . Inside the Yacht, gamers have to go to the base floor of the Yacht. Thereafter, they need to locate the  kitchen  and then, should navigate to the server. The server is lying in the middle of the kitchen, and once gamers start interacting with it, then the stealing of security plans will begin.

Steal Plans from the Rig

Gamers need to visit straight to the Rig that is lying in the  Southwest  section. There are also various henchmen that are being deployed inside Rig to hinder gamers from accessing it. The server is lying in the middle of the Rig with a  Computer screen . Gamers need to go close to it and then proceed to press the interaction tab to obtain security plans.

Steal from the shark

Gamers need to visit straight to the  Northwest  section where Shark is lying and then requires to head straight to phone booths. However, reaching the phone booth is somehow an intricate way due to minions, aka Henchmen. There is an alternative way of reaching to the server of the Shark by entering into it through a  Cave  that lies in the east of it. The gamers now require to head to the first floor, and there the server is lying in the corner. Gamers have to head close to the server and then require to tap the interact tab for stealing the plan.

Deliver plans to Ghost or Shadow

Once the gamers have successfully stolen the security plans from all the three specific locations, then they require to deliver all the plans to Ghost or Shadow. The gamers have to use the mailbox to deliver out the plans to Ghost or Shadow. The mailboxes of them are lying at the following location:

  • Ghost Mail Boxes : It lies in  Steamy stacks , and gamers need to head towards building 3. Thereafter, they need to locate the staircase that is lying near the building. The mailbox is in black color, and it is lying just beside the staircase.
  • Shadow Mail Boxes : It lies in  Pleasant Park , and gamers need to head to the bus stop that lies in it. The mailbox is located in the northwest location from the bus stop.


The information in this article has been collected from the Internet and in case it has included any absurd thing in it, and then we are extremely apologetic. We have obtained information from various websites to form this article, and we are very grateful to all of them. The gamers can play Fortnite on  Xbox OneNintendo Switch , and  Android  or  iOS  devices.

Source url: - https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/03/04/fortnite-season-2-how-to-steal-security-plans-for-yacht-rig-or-shark/

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