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10 февраля 2020 г. 11:32

Fortnite: Guide to Grab the Gold 8-Ball Style

As we know, Fortnite Chapter 2 of Season 1 has come to an end, and developers have launched a set of Overtime challenges that offer users to earn an enormous amount of experience. It also provides players with the battle pass the chance to unlock exclusive skins with ease.

With the Fortnite Season 2 right around the corner, gamers only have some weeks remaining to accomplish these missions and get new skins. Fortunately, this guide will help gamers to learn everything to complete such challenges conveniently. So, here is the list of Scratch Vs 8-Ball challenges users must accomplish to grab the fascinating 8-ball style.

  1. Travel 100 meters while dancing
  2. Gain Bronze Combat Medals by attaining three knock down in a battle x3.
  3. Visit Mountain base camps x3.
  4. Ring the house doorbell with having an enemy in three separate matches x3.
  5. Bounce on bouncy things in three separate matches x3.
  6. Dance at Lake Canoe, Rainbow Rentals and Beach Bus.
  7. Look for the hidden gnome located in between a big house, Fancy view and a wooden shack.
  8. Swim in two separate locations with no swimming sign x2.
  9. Earn Shields or Health in a bush x1.
  10. Deal with 75 damage using a Harpoon Gun.

Fortnite:  Travel 100 Meters While Dancing:

In the game, this is one of the silliest and easy missions to accomplish for the set of overtime challenges. Every player will need to use a traversal emote while moving and they are good to go. Simply land wherever, start walking and start dancing. Once the gamer has walked or danced 100 meters, then the mission is accomplished.

Fortnite:  Earn Bronze Battle Medals:

This mission is relatively convenient and does not require much in the process of an explanation. In three different matches, gamers will require to attain three elimination per game. Once a user has completed that the challenge is accomplished.

Fortnite:  Visit Mountain Base Camps:  

In the challenge, players are going for hiking, so strap on your hiking boots. Players simply need to climb up three separate mountains and visit the campsites at the peak of each one. This may sound time-consuming and a lot of travelling, but they are quite close together and should be convenient to attend to visit all three in a single game.

However, some players find it hard to complete the challenge. So, it is highly recommended to start the mission at the southernmost camp. It is located at the peak of the mountain in the south of Misty Meadows. From here, move northeast down the hill and utilize the zipline to continue your journey from one mountain to the next until you reach the second camp. At last, players find the final camp just a few hundred meters away from the one just arrived. Once each camp has been visited, the mission is accomplished.

Fortnite: Ring the Doorbell of Taken Houses:

This mission can be a bit challenging, but still, there is a convenient way to complete this challenge in three matches. A gamer will require to reach Salty Springs after leaving the Combat bus. Make sure to land on the front side of a house, but try not to enter. Sometimes, it's better to wait until an enemy lands on the top of a building before reaching in the front.

Fortnite: Bounce on bouncy things in three separate matches:

Several bouncy things are available in the game that players can quickly locate during the battle such as stacks of parasol umbrellas etc. So, it is quite simple and straightforward to bounce on these object in three different Fortnite games.

Fortnite: Dance at Lake Canoe, Rainbow Rentals and Beach Bus:

In this challenge, players will need to fire off their dance emote on locations like Lake Canoe, Beach bus and Rainbow Rentals.

Fortnite: Look for the hidden gnome located in between a big house, Fancy view and a wooden shack:

On the west coast, players will spot Fancy view at the south of Sweaty Sands. From here, head over to the southeast, and gamers will locate the hidden gnome during their travel to the enormous building.

Fortnite: Swim at two separate locations with no swimming sign:

Users can notice no swimming signs on many places where water drops off, such as a dam or a waterfall. Several beaches have also been chosen, whereas not to go swimming.

Fortnite: Earn Shields or Health in a bush:

The best possible way to attain shield and health is to search for any significant size of bushes that can be used to hide.

Fortnite: Deal with 75 damage using a Harpoon Gun:

The gamer needs to do to accomplish this challenge is to use the harpoon gun and then shoot an enemy. Note, this gun does not do enough damage. So, you will need to fire many bullets on the opponent's body to deal with 75 damage.

Source url: - https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/02/10/fortnite-guide-to-grab-the-gold-8-ball-style/

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