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10 февраля 2020 г. 08:38

How to Get Cockatrice Stomach in Witcher 3

The popular RPG game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt provides a horrifying virtual experience to the gamers. Although the game was developed by CD Projekt its complete story has been derived from a popular novel of the same name. In spite of almost being 9 years old, the game still manages to become heat among gamers.

Its modern specs and a unique experience are not the only reason behind its immense popularity. The latest show of Netflix with the same name and story is also a significant cause for it. Thus, the gamers began to explore the world of Witcher 3 again and in this blog, we will highlight one of its perks to favor gamers. The Cockatrice Stomach is something that is pretty essential in Witcher 3 because it is an essential prerequisite to craft the best oil and armors in it.

However, it is necessary to slay the beast first in order to put hands on its belly. Although defeating Cockatrice is not a hard job to do but locating it is the one as the beast has a very low spawning rate. Gamers usually have to be pretty fortunate to encounter it alongside there is a specific way to locate and defeat it. In the below-written workaround, gamers will find a resort to their problem of locating Cockatrice.

How to defeat Cockatrice Stomach

The preceding process of locating Cockatrice is to first know about it alongside its stomach uses and potency. Cockatrice is a powerful monster of the Witcher 3 however Geralt essential potions and oils can easily stain it. The major factor behind the increasing demand for Cockatrice Stomach is its ability to craft essential oils and armors.

Gamers need to slain the beast first and then require to dismantle the body to use the elements of its stomach. After that, gamers can craft three potent oils such as Enhanced Beast oil, Superior Beast oil, and Superior Draconic oil. Besides, the stomach is also favorable in crafting potent armors such as Grandmaster Legendary Wolven and Grandmaster Wolven.

How to Locate Cockatrice to get its Stomach

This is where the developers of the game have tried providing some intricacy into it. There is only one possible way of locating Cockatrice and it is by encountering its variant aka Shrieker. Gamers can only find Shriekar through Contract quest of Crow’s Perch. Players can reach out there by heading to the outskirts of the town. The process of getting into a contract quest is a bit easy but fighting with Shrieker is a hard purpose to accomplish. Gamers need to prepare a strategy to slain the combat boss instantly alongside gamers who have to focus on being both; offensive and defensive.

Besides, there are several locations on which you can also locate Cockatrice; gamers can easily locate it on the North-East region of Novigrad where it usually spotted near the lake of Town YantraArd Skellig is another hideout of the beast in which it lies near the lake of Fornhala. Along with that gamers also need to locate it in the west region of all the lakes of Witcher 3 world.


The primary motive of the article is to enlighten the gamers with the knowledge of locating and defeating Cockatrice in Witcher 3. Alongside this, we have also discussed ways to craft oil and armors through its stomach.

We hope that you have to find the article useful and have successfully accomplished your purpose through it. In case, we have missed out on including any essential information on the following topic, then we are extremely apologetic for it.

Gamers who haven’t try Witcher 3 can play it on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source url:- https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/02/10/how-to-get-cockatrice-stomach-in-witcher-3/

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