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6 февраля 2020 г. 12:45

How to Stop Other from Adding you in WhatsApp Groups on iPhone & iPad

WhatsApp Messenger application is a free messaging application free for Android Apple iPhone devices and other smartphones. WhatsApp needs your phone's Internet connection as you are using 4G or 3G or 2G or EDGE or Wi-Fi network, to receive your message and call from relatives friends and family. WhatsApp is easy to use, easy to receive and send messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages.

WhatsApp Features:

  • It van provides features to receive and send files, documents, videos, contact, and images.
  • You can call your friends or family without using the cellular network, you only need the internet to call on WhatsApp.
  • You can enjoy group chats with your family and friends in one chat lots of people are connected and enjoy chatting.
  • you can also connect your phone to the computer or you can use WhatsApp on the PC as web Application
  • It is free for everywhere, it can ot charge you extra payment for an international call.
  • WhatsApp work as a normal message and providing you some extra features like sending video photos etc. in one touch.
  • You are always logged into WhatsApp, so you don't miss messages.
  • If your phone data is for you are not connected to any internet network WhatsApp receives your message offline, and show you whenever you turn on your internet connection.


Approx 1.6 billion peoples using WhatsApp regularly basis in one month. WhatsApp is mostly using applications entire the world. It is one of the apps dominating the social media application. There are lots of people who add you to the WhatsApp group, where you are receiving unwanted notification on your phones. But now WhatsApp introduces a new privacy setting in its application. That is another user request you to add in the WhatsApp group. Here you decline the user who wants to add you to the WhatsApp group. In this blogs, we help you to how you can do this Setting in your mobile WhatsApp. Follow the steps to do this Setting.

  1. First, you have to update your WhatsApp to the latest version from the App store.
  2. open the WhatsApp on your device, and follow the steps given below:
  3. Open your WhatsApp, and you see the chat section on your device screen.
  4. Hit on Setting, show near the chat in the downside on the screen.
  5. Hit on Account, in WhatsApp account setting.
  6. Press on Privacy in the Account criteria.
  7. Here you can see Last Seen, Profile Photo About Group and Status,
  8. Tap on Groups to forward your next steps.
  9. Here you saw three privacy settings for Groups as Everyone, My Contacts, and My Contacts Expectation.
  10. Here you can choose Setting as my contact and My contact Expectation. If you select My Contact all of your contacts saved in your device, they can access to add you to the group.
  11. If you choose MY contact Expectation then here you can select those peoples who are not adding you in the WhatsApp group,

A fter this Setting, you can control your WhatsApp that who can add you in group chat.

Source url: - https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/02/06/how-to-stop-other-from-adding-you-in-whatsapp-groups-on-iphone-ipad/

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