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5 февраля 2020 г. 10:27

PS Plus Free Games in February 2020: Best List

Sony takes care of its fans, and this time also it has treated the online gaming fans very well by announcing PS plus free games, and the year 2020 is also going to be the special one in this context. The fans are speculating about the wish list of PS Plus free games for February and eager to know what Sony is going to offer. The standards have already been set high with the release of Detroit: Become Human, The Outlast2, and The Last of US2  over the past few months on PS Plus. The fans are expecting the inclusion of some more exciting video games for February, along with these games. Here, is the wish list of PS Plus free games for the coming month:-

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian, published by Sony, is a third-person action-adventure role-playing game. The player will start playing by controlling a boy who has befriended with a giant who is half bird and half mammal. Initially, Sony intended to release the game exclusively on Playstation 3 in the year 2011. Still, it suffered a lot of difficulties and other substantial technical issues and could not be published on the same date.

Meanwhile, Ueda and the other members of the team departed Sony, and then the company decided to launch the game on PS 4 in the year 2012. But Again, the release date got failed, Sony did not release the game in the year 2012, but again the team of Ueda and Sony joined their hands together and sorted out all the difficulties coming in the way of the release date of The Last Guardian. Finally, The Last Guardian was released in the year 2015 and got a lot of appreciation for the story and direction of the gameplay. The fans can enjoy the game and feel the adventure on PS Plus for no cost.

Persona 5

The story of Persona is revolving around Joker, who has been accused of falsely and put on probation for his wrongdoings, which he has not done. He has been transferred to Shujin Academy, where he, along with his other friends, got the special powers. These students have achieved superpowers, formed a group of a secret group of vigilantes, and named it Phantom Thieves of Hearts. They further fight against the enemies who are using physical manifestations of their spirit known as Persona. The game is a beautiful blend of the role-playing elements along with dungeon crawling and the scenarios of social simulation. Persona 5, developed by Atlus, is critically acclaimed and got a lot of praise for the art direction, cast, music, gameplay, and the stunning visual representation introduced in the game. Person 5 offers a playtime of a hundred hours on a single playthrough and an incredible game to play. The inclusion of the game in the wish list is going to enrich it a lot.


Doom is developed by id Software and is a first-person shooter video game. The story of the game is focusing on an unmanned spaceship functional under the aegis of Union Aerospace involved in fighting against the hordes of devils. Doom is considered as one of the pioneer games which has the features of 3D graphics, third dimension spatiality, gameplay networked for multiplayer, and having the supporting system modifications created by the Players. These incredible features were introduced to computers, which were IBM compatible. The game a massive hit and got the appreciation of online gamers everywhere. It is worthy of including the game in the wish list of PS Plus free games.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The game is the most worthy of being included in the wish list of PS Plus free games as not only the game, but the Witcher series has also got a lot of applause from the fans. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has gone the massive appreciation from the people for everything it had, such as graphics, story, characters, and high quality of its side missions. The game has further introduced two more fantastic expansions, such as Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone. It will be interesting to see the inclusion of the game in the PS Plus free games wish list.

Source url:- https://williamsblogpoint.wordpress.com/2020/02/05/ps-plus-free-games-in-february-2020-best-list/

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