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20.03.2020 10:10

iPhone driver is mandatory to connect an iOS device with Windows. However, in some instances, a corrupt driver can hinder your experience. If you are facing the issue as well, then we can help you out. Here are the steps to get rid of the Windows 10 Apple iPhone driver error.

Update iPhone Driver

If you wish to update the iPhone driver, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Go to the iPhone and disconnect it from the PC.
  • Check that the device is unlocked the screen and connect again to the system, ensure that to use the standard Apple USB cord. In case you view iTunes launch up, shut it.
  • Reach the Cortana box, enter ‘Device Manager’ and launch the program.
  • Navigate to the Device Manager, find and open the Portable Drivers field.
  • ...>>>

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20.03.2020 08:43

“Mortal Combat” is back and comes with more interesting reasons to be excited about this new evolution and Joker. The all latest characters will amaze you by their actions and tricks.

One of the main characters of this game is the Joker, that is attracting gamers with his appearance and qualities. The Joker is set to introduce in the much-awaited “Mortal Kombat 11,” that is attracting players with his actions that is going to release on January 28 2020.

A number of players are thinking of vanilla and tamed behaviour of “Joker,” and on the other hand, some is expecting very strict action from him. There are eagerness and excitement about the role and the appearance of the newly introducing character in the game. The gaming company has already announced that the character will appear on the screen with various changes.

There are multiple reasons for the character's excitements among the fans and gamers that range from


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19.03.2020 11:16

Google has made several popular applications apart from Android OS and Google Docs is one of them. The cloud base application allows team collaboration on one document. Google Docs is quite helpful when a group of people is working on the same writing project. The server of Google Docs is stable when it comes to sharing and controlling files. However, facing the issue of accessing expired happen from settings can be faced several times.

It occurs if the owner does change the accessing days or took your ownership from the document. Once your access is expired, you can face several problems, and one of them is editing. Although it can happen in several ways, here are the problem and reasons for losing access.

Cant Edit After Your Access is Expired

Just after you see the message of “Your Access is Expired” you will not be able to edit the document


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19.03.2020 09:50

Encrypting PDF files on Mac is an easy process if you use the “Preview app.” Despite the fact that Mac is a secure computer, in order to keep your documents safe, you need to use the encryption app to protect your document. In order to protect your PDF files, you don’t need to download or purchase additional applications because, in macOS, there is already a source available that can make your PDF files fully protected.

Definitely Mac is on the top list secure in terms of privacy. Encrypting PDF files with the password is simple and also costless, which means you don’t need to pay for this service that Mac is providing you.

Making PDF files is now essential and also a standard thing in the digital world. In a business field, it is essential to create PDF files and, more importantly, to keep them protected. If your PDF files


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18.03.2020 14:23

one of the world's best antivirus, mcafee serves its customers strikingly and adequately. The antivirus program has been purchased in by an enormous number of people the entire path over the world and almost everyone is content with the security features of the item.

              The clients are encouraged to push forward to the internet browser on their gadget and open it.

              While tapping on the hunt bar, you need to look through the connection mcafee.com/activate

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16.03.2020 11:02

The tool of System Preparation by Microsoft permits the admin user to test, deliver, and duplicate the installation of the new Windows OS where the installation works as the base of the project. Whereas, Audit mode permits the admin users, to complete the mentioned action without going to Welcome Screen.

It is software, and there is an occurrence of errors. One of the errors seen in this tool is when it is unable to turn on, and when this error happens the error message displays as “Sysprep audit mode is unable to turn on in the Windows 10.”

The reason behind this error may occur due to the glitch of the Windows 10 installation kit, which tries to prevent the completion of the operation by the tool. Another reason can be the corrupted system files.


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12.03.2020 11:25

Chrome is a popular browser that is used by millions of users. Windows allows users to assign separate apps to different playback devices, but the entire Chrome window is used as an individual application. Browsers play an important role in the digital field. If users don’t have any idea, such browsers let users capture or record the audio on the latest tab and then store output files to the PC. Though you have to install the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on for this use. If you need to capture or record audio from the browser tab of the Firefox or Chrome in Windows 10, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

Capture or Record Audio From Browser Tab

You can record the audio from launched latest tab of both the browsers, Firefox and Chrome through these extensions:


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12.03.2020 09:34

One powerful feature accessible in modern computing is the use of local area networks that let users share music and movies across the entire devices. You may use the network to customize media server, to share scanners and printers, or only to share files between two machines. Concept networking in PC seems straightforward, but it may be difficult to run it properly. A common issue is the incapacity of the single machine to view shared folders on the other machine.

Old versions of the Windows that supported local area networks return to Windows for the Workgroups 3.11 in the year 1993. If you need to fix it, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

Setting up the Network in Windows 10

The common problem of network glitches in Windows 10 is the wrong set up. In spite of being the easiest


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11.03.2020 10:12

igfxEM Module is one of the most useful aspects of the computer system. However, nowadays, igfxEM Module has stopped working and thus, it is annoying users a lot. If you are one of those users who are facing these issue, then follow the below-written guidelines. Here is how to fix igfxEM module not working:

Upgrade Graphics Card

  • Press the Win + R keys at the same time on your system to launch the Run section.
  • After that, enter ‘devmgmt’ into the section and hit the OK button.
  • You will see a new screen on your system that will display the ‘salient features of the drivers.’
  • Go to the ‘Display adapter’ tab and choose the arrow option to view the hidden drivers.
  • Now, you will reach the ‘Intel Graphics Card driver’, and right-click on it then choose the ‘Update driver


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06.03.2020 11:34

“Get Ronaldo, Messi & David Luiz in New Positions with Shapeshifters Cards”

FIFA 20 has released the two new cards in the game under the name TOTY and Shapeshifters. The Shapeshifters card allows the gamer to change the default position of the players.

FIFA 20 continually tries to improve the gameplay and controls to give the gamers a better experience. As in the long line of up-gradation, the card Shapeshifters is introduced in the latest version of the game. It is focused on the reinventing location of the players, and adjust the players to the desired position. It will allow gamers to adjust players as per your requirement and have your favorite players in one team who plays for the same positions.

Basic Information

It is a red and green colored card that has the ability to interchange the location of players as per


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