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3 января  2022 г. 12:34

Which companies need third-party...

All Chinese Internet and mobile Internet financial companies, companies that need to make remote online electronic payments, and companies that want to make profits from Middle Eastern consumers themselves need it.

For example, in the United States, Facebook is mainly advertising. SMB small business owners in the Middle East can directly purchase Facebook ads online and make online payments.

For example, Jollychic, a famous cross-border e-commerce company from China, is also needed. Another example is Noon, the largest local e-commerce company in the UAE.

Who else, games, live online payment gateway providers, tools, as long as the company's monetization method is directly charged from users, they all need to use third-party mobile payments.

What about Apple store and Google play? Essentially, they also use third-party payments.

To sum up, for Merchant or Cp or App, there are three possible ways to collect money: application stores (Apple, Google, Huawei, etc.); banks; other professional third-party payment companies, such as payment gateways in the Middle East, such as payfort , TAp payment, etc.

The comparison of the three categories is obvious. App stores are too expensive, and banking financial services and features are too poor. The best one is a professional development third-party payment platform company.

There are also many third-party mobile payment platform companies that are active in the domestic economy and the global market. For example, Qianhai, paianying ("497" is not a domestic enterprise company, but is doing traditional Chinese business), etc., at least a dozen are active.

provide corporate profit margins: Bank card access rates are usually lower risk than international development credit cards.

For all kinds of merchants in China with online payment needs, the ideal model is shown in the figure below:

The local people's Bank of China that directly connects with important markets through the Internet, such as the United States, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. Other countries use VISA and other international credit cards for unified coverage. This is not difficult to operate at the merchant level. The backend of the payment system can choose to connect to different payment networks/payment providers according to regions or countries.

Back to the Middle East, domestic businesses treat the Middle East as a regional market, but in terms of implementation, you will find that there are too many scattered countries in the Middle East, so if you connect in the Middle East, then you need to consider what I mentioned above. The problem with the Single ApI is that it is the best choice to find a local company that can access as many local bank networks in different countries as possible at one time.

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