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16 декабря 2021 г. 11:17

What will be the impact if I do ...

For most mainlanders of enterprises, having their own social identity in Hong Kong means an extra layer of quality of life guarantee. It takes up to 7 years to become a permanent resident of Hong Kong. However, many research problems will also arise. .

For example, do you want to apply for a permit to visit relatives in your hometown? What problems will there be on "my" life if you do not apply for work?

First of all, our country needs to know what is the Home Visit permit? The Home Visit permit is a document for Hong Kong, 回鄉證自助受理 and Taiwan to travel to and from mainland China. The Home Visit permit in Hong Kong is now a card, which is the same size as a bank card.

If you only apply for a Hong Kong permanent identity card without applying for a re-entry permit, you do not need to close your mainland account. If a company applies for a Home Visit permit, it means that we must first cancel the urban household registration in Mainland China. This is one reason why many people do not want to apply for Home Visit permit.

Affect Hong Kong's Mainland round-trip itinerary

After verifying Hong Kong permanent residents, they can use the Hong Kong and Macau pass to travel between the country and Hong Kong again without canceling their household registration or getting the home return permit. All rights in Hong Kong are handled as permanent residents, without any other impact. The rights of a permanent development resident in Hong Kong have no social relationship with whether to obtain the hometown permit.

Once the residence visa of the pass has expired, there are other ways to enter and leave the country. If you really don’t want to apply for a Home Visit permit, and you don’t want to travel to and from the Mainland 回鄉證自助受理, Yinhe Jun recommends that you swipe the Hong Kong and Macau pass when entering and leaving the Mainland, and swipe your Hong Kong ID card when entering and exiting Hong Kong.

Not able to develop abroad from the Mainland to study abroad

Only one Hong Kong Chinese passport cannot travel from the Mainland to study abroad. It must be used in conjunction with the Homecoming permit. In other words, our Special Economic Zone passport cannot be used for entry and exit from the Mainland.

For example, a Hong Kong permanent resident who has not applied for a Home Visit permit can not leave Shanghai from Shanghai by plane from Shanghai to Japan. He must use the Home Visit permit for customs clearance.

If you leave the country with a Chinese passport, you must have a valid Japanese visa in your passport. In other words, the SAR passport without the Home Visit permit is waste paper in the Mainland, and it cannot leave the country from the Mainland, but can only leave the country from Hong Kong.

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