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5 сентября 2021 г. 20:55

Talking about the development tr...

As human beings in the new era, are we dissatisfied with reality and confused about the future? In today's society, with advanced technology and abundant materials, no one can live without problems as long as they are not lazy, but not everyone can live with a sense of dignity, value and pleasure.


From a personal point of view, we are busy all day long, running around to make a living, but still wanting; from a social point of view, we have to come and go, contact constantly, but a little disorderly chaos. From the individual to the society, there are no navigational beacons. I wonder how many of us have thought about where we are going and how many of us have thought clearly?

As the saying goes, to learn from the past and the present, to know the future. From the time of apes and monkeys, human beings have gone through a lot of hardships, and through practice, they have changed both the environment and themselves to become what we are today. The history of mankind is a history of practice and continuous struggle for survival. The direction of human development today is still inseparable from this theme, that is, survival, not only the survival of individuals, but also the survival of humanity as a whole. On the surface, the world is peaceful and prosperous, but the various collectives are entangled in interests, but the secret struggle is constant, some collectives are brilliant and developed, and some collectives slowly sink. This is only the hidden crisis within human society, if added to the Earth's own environmental crisis and the cosmic crisis in outer space, any one of the crises faced by mankind as long as the full outbreak, will make mankind fall into the point of no return, so that millions of years of struggle of previous people instantly turned into ashes. Therefore, the future society must be a comprehensive development of science and technology and arts and culture. Science and technology, for human beings to lift a near or far crisis; literature and art, to purify the human mind to make people happy. Rationality and sensibility collide and fuse, bursting out unparalleled wisdom, which is the development direction of human society.

The development of science and technology and literature cannot be separated from the cultivation of talents, and the cultivation of talents cannot be separated from advanced education. The education of the future must enable every student to develop fully and comprehensively, and such a scale and such depth of education cannot be achieved without large-scale and highly qualified teachers. So it is conceivable that in the future, about one-fifth of the people will be engaged in scientific and technological research, one-fifth in literary creation, one-fifth in education, one-fifth in our children, and one-fifth in providing production and living services for these four categories of people. And in the short term, education will be a top priority. Not only will hundreds of millions of excellent teachers be needed to educate children, but adults who have not received a sufficiently good education in the past will also need excellent teachers to re-educate them. At present, teaching is a great profession that carries on from the past to the future, and I hope that every human being will recognize the situation, take my time, respond to the development of the times, and make outstanding contributions.

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