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23 сентября 2021 г. 12:35

Sand aggregate production line configuration

Gravel aggregate production plant is a flow production line for shaping various building stones from coarse crushing to fine crushing. The aggregate production plant linked and the process is mature. However, when users choose the stone crusher in aggregate production plant, it is easy to ignore some matters, resulting in low production capacity of the whole production line, So what are the precautions for the full set of equipment configuration of sand and gravel aggregate production line?

1. Determination of coarse crushing equipment. According to the size of the blasted stone in the sand and gravel aggregate production line and the output of the finished material in the user's production requirements, the model of the coarse breaking equipment is selected. Generally, the jaw crusher is often selected. As for the selection of deep cavity jaw crusher or German version jaw crusher, the user can decide by himself.

2. Feeding equipment. Due to different physical or chemical properties of different materials, their state will be different during feeding. The vibrating feeder on the sand and gravel aggregate production line shall be determined according to the mud content of specific stones.

3. Determination of screening equipment. It is necessary to determine the size of the circular vibrating screen according to the performance of the secondary crushing equipment, i.e. the conical crusher. Here, the user should be reminded that as a connecting equipment in the whole set of equipment of the sand and gravel aggregate production line, the vibrating screen equipment should be slightly larger as far as possible, and there should be room, so as to not only screen more cleanly, improve the efficiency of the crusher, but also reduce the equipment load, Extend the service life of the equipment.

4. Silo design. It is better to design the intermediate silo, because it can maintain the crushing continuity of the sand and gravel aggregate production line. For the determination of the specific location of the intermediate silo, it is also necessary to determine whether the intermediate silo is placed before or after the second break according to the particle size requirements of the finished material. Of course, the user can also use two intermediate silos, but the investment and site size should also be considered. Finally, it is best to make a finished product silo, which is convenient to improve the loading efficiency.

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