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13 декабря 2018 г. 07:21

The Odell Beckham with a special guest appearance by Lil Wayne

The Odell Beckham with a special guest appearance by Lil Wayne interview raised plenty of questions for what Beckham said. There also were questions about how it all came to be.Per a league source Authentic Ray-Ray Armstrong Jersey , ESPN set up the interview directly with Beckham, without going through the Giants. The interview happened in New York City on Tuesday, Beckham’s day off.The Giants became aware that the interview was happening on Monday. They had no involvement in it of any kind.This sarcastic tweet from Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon regarding the interview seems to confirm that: “Wow, can鈥檛 wait!! Bet there鈥檚 some good stuff for the hot-take, cold-take world in there!!”While it’s not uncommon for interviews on radio and TV shows to be arranged directly with players or their representatives (especially on player days off), setting up a major sit-down interview that will create headlines in a not-positive way directly with the player entails some degree of risk for an NFL broadcast partner. If the Giants become sufficiently unhappy with ESPN, the Giants may be less cooperative when it comes to interviews and access that entail team involvement, especially in connection with Monday Night Football. The Giants also could complain to the league, which could be a sensitive subject at a time when ESPN generally seems to be trying to collectively reinsert its nose into the anal cleft of 345 Park Avenue.Regardless, while many of the Sunday Sit-Downs!聽take place with the team involved (and often with team P.R. present) www.newyorkgiantsteamonline.com , this one happened either because the player reached out to do it or because the player was persuaded to do it. The question then becomes whether the message sent by Beckham was premeditated or simply the product of questioning that happened to hit topics that produced “honest answers” that were far too honest, far too candid, and far too potentially disruptive. The New York Giants have already gone through Kaelin Clay, Stacy Coley, Cody Latimer, Odell Beckham Jr. and Jawill Davis as kick returners this season.Monday night, the Giants might have to dig even deeper as Davis popped up on the Friday injury report with a concussion that kept him out of practice.“Jawill had a persistent headache, so the medical staff determined he should be placed in the concussion protocol,” head coach Pat Shurmur said on Friday.Davis, a rookie undrafted free agent New York Giants T-Shirt , has averaged 24.4 yards on seven kickoff returns. He has also caught two passes.Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey was complementary of Davis’ progress Friday — before the news of his being placed in the concussion protocol was known.“He’s a young player. He’s getting better every week. He is definitely ascending. The arrow is up with that kid,” McGaughey said. “He averaged 29 yards a return last time he was out there. The week before, it was 21. So each week, you’re seeing some progression with him. He’s getting more confident as a gunner. The kid is talented. We’re just going to keep nurturing talent.”With Davis likely down for Monday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Giants will be looking for another kickoff returner.“That’s life in the big city. It’s just one of those deals, you just live it the way it is. You play cards, they deal them out, this is my hand, here we go,” McGaughey said. “That’s the reality of it. You just got to make do with what you have New York Giants Hats , and just coach the hell out of them. You get them out there, you coach them up, you get them ready to play. Hopefully you’ve done a good enough job during the week preparing for some success. “That’s coaching, that’s what we do, especially special teams coaches. I don’t even think about it. That’s just what we do. It’s part of our coaching DNA.”If the Giants need to make a roster move, perhaps they would promote Quadree Henderson from their practice squad. A rookie undrafted free agent from Pitt who was added to the practice squad just two weeks ago, Henderson averaged 26.6 yards with four TDs on 73 kickoff returns and 13.4 yards with three touchdowns on 37 punt returns in college.Week 10 Injury ReportPlayerPositionInjuryThursdayFridaySaturdayGame StatusPlayerPositionInjuryThursdayFridaySaturdayGame Status
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