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8 марта 2021 г. 05:50

Introduction Of Stenter Printing

     Printing has a history of more than 2,000 years in my country. As a kind of printing with a wide range of applications, from the original manual printing to the current automatic printing, the changes are still quite big. There are many types of printers, ink properties, and types of substrates. What are the printing methods of Flat Screen Printer?


1. Paper-based printing: small lithographic printing using paper as a plate material.


2. Transfer printing: the printing method in which the ink is printed on a medium first, and then transferred from the medium to the substrate.


3. Transcription printing: hand-printed wax paper mimeograph.


4. Lithographic printing: Lithographic for short. A direct lithographic printing process using stone as a printing plate.


5. Copper-zinc plate printing: also known as letterpress plate printing. The printing method using copper plate or zinc plate as printing plate.


6. Resin plate printing: a printing method using resin, nylon, etc. as printing plates.


7. Woodcut watermark: also called woodblock watermark. A traditional process in which the drawing is carved into several printing plates, and then printed with water-soluble pigments.


8. Light printing: also known as office printing system. A printing system using phototypesetting, small offset printing machines, and small binding machines.


9. Network printing: The so-called special printing refers to printing products and media that cannot be printed by conventional equipment and technology through special equipment and special technology. The equipment that can carry out this kind of printing mainly includes: screen printing machine, gravure printing machine, offset UV printer, Stenter.



10. Collo printing: also known as glass printing. Coat the photosensitive layer with thick glass and expose with negative image to form different water absorption. Printing using the principle of mutual exclusion of oil and water.

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