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3 марта 2021 г. 12:18

Stenter Basic Factors

Stenter is equipped with a pneumatic screen frame clamping device during work. They only clamp a few sides of the screen frame. It is equipped with a positioning pin registration system, which helps to speed up the alignment of the screen plate on the printing machine.

The size of the screen frame determines the area of ​​the screen that the printing machine can accept. If this kind of automatic printing machine does not support the size of the screen frame you are currently using, you must change it to a new screen frame, which is very wasteful. So pay attention to the machine model, and the screen frame must be able to switch freely between sizes.

The cycle speed of an oval printing machine may be a factor to pay attention to when buying a printing machine. The larger cycle speed refers to the output of the printing machine in one hour when operated by one or two workers. Some printing machines can print hundreds of clothes per hour, and some can print more than 1,000 clothes. In fact, the actual cycle speed depends on the number of flash drying processes in your workflow, whether the paste can reach the surface dry in a very short time, and also related to factors such as the printing paste, printing area, and fabric.

The control system of the oval printing machine has a wide range, ranging from analog control panels to touch screen-based systems based on micro-processing. Each print head has an independent control unit for fine-tuning and making high-end products. Some models allow the operator to store and recall the set value of the print, which can greatly reduce the setting time when repeating orders. The general printing machine is also equipped with a network connection solution, which allows the manufacturer to access the control system and troubleshoot remotely.

Some basic factors that need to be considered when buying a Flat Screen Printing Machine: Color number and station The automatic garment printing machine has six colors and 24 stations, and there are also 6 colors and 32 stations that can be customized. The station of the automatic printing machine is usually 6 more than the color number to facilitate the laying and picking of the film. Some configurations are specially designed for one operator to operate, and only one more workstation is installed to lay out and take the film. When deciding how many stations you want, you must consider the need for flash curing stations.


Pneumatic, electromechanical transmission and servo mechanical transmission are all common types in the operation of automatic printing machines. Some printing machines use one type of transmission, while others use a combination of multiple transmission methods. The pneumatic system uses compressed air to adjust the pressure of the scraper and the ink-returning knife of the printing machine, and the solenoid valve can control the speed and movement distance. Printing machines with strict pneumatic transmission systems are usually cheaper than those with electromechanical transmission or servo mechanical transmission.

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