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1 марта 2021 г. 07:49

Flat Screen Printer Is Closely Related To Life

With the development of printing technology, the screen printing machine is closely related to our lives. With the continuous investment of different industries and large and small enterprises, the screen printing machine has become a hot printing product. Then you know the installation and adjustment of the Flat Screen Printer ?

1. The adjustment of the parallelism between the three layers of the printing plate, the guide rail and the working platform

①The platform and the guide rail should be parallel. If the two are not parallel, the scraper will not contact the platform with a certain pressure, and there will be gaps. Generally, this adjustment will be adjusted before the machine leaves the factory.

②The screen printing plate and the platform should also be parallel, otherwise the screen distance will be inconsistent, which will cause the printing pressure and the deformation of the screen printing plate to become inconsistent. Therefore, the flatness of the screen frame itself must be maintained.

2. Squeegee adjustment

① To adjust the parallelism of the squeegee to the platform, adjust the left and right screws to adjust the height of the squeegee; the middle shaft can adjust the left and right top wires, which is actually to adjust the height of the ink plate left and right.

②The adjustment of printing pressure is the adjustment of the high and low positions of the squeegee.

③The length of the squeegee cannot be adjusted. Generally, it is supplied as a set. Each set has several different lengths for users to choose from.

3. Net distance adjustment

① The screen distance can be adjusted by lowering the screen printing plate or raising the platform. Generally, the method of raising the platform is adopted.

②The distance between the four corners of the screen printing plate must be consistent, and the distance between the front and back is allowed to be large only when there is a compensation action for lifting the screen.

4. Squeegee speed adjustment


Stenter's squeegee speed is to be fast and all actions will be fast, and if it is slow, all actions will be slow.

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