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3 февраля 2021 г. 05:38

How Does Stenter Adjust The Accuracy

In the field of modern wide-width Stenter systems, the integration of hardware technology in the electrical control system of production machines is increasing. The main control method is computer technology. At present, the real-time control of wide-width Stenter, that is, two-level microcomputer control, is applied to continuous synchronous speed control systems. The production line can improve the coordination accuracy of the transmission system to a new level.

How to coordinate the accuracy of wide Stenter

       In today’s wide Stenter field control, a two-stage digital microcomputer closed-loop system is used to directly control the operation of the wide Stenter or inverter through the serial port, and the animation on the PC screen is consistent with the actual execution status of the site. The operation of the real state of the machine can be completed intuitively through the keyboard or mouse, that is, the production site, and the remote monitoring host can use the control data of the wide Stenter.

       The frequency converter executes the data at the speed of the control line, the temperature of the control point and other data. The lower part is designed as a high-precision multi-motor speed difference control system, which includes an adjustable frequency source digital closed-loop control system and an anti-interference circuit. Control accuracy, so accurate draft ratio or overfeed control can be achieved by controlling the speed difference, that is, high-precision synchronization


       Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory In the wide-width Stenter winding control system, because the winding process is a nonlinear control problem, and its strong coupling parameters change with time, it is difficult to establish an accurate mathematical model of the control object, through the use of logic controller design methods and system simulation Understand and greatly improve the steady-state performance of the system. This two-level microcomputer control system with industrial control software has been widely used in industrial production and is also being researched and promoted in China. With the help of industrial control software , Designed a two-stage computer control system with extensive versatility, and the proposed diffuse reflection self-processing control scheme has theoretical research and practical application value.

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