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1 февраля 2021 г. 06:21

Introduction To Flat Screen Printer Maintenance

Stenter's daily maintenance method

At present, automatic screen printing machines have been widely used in all walks of life, but every operator of automatic screen printing machines will carry out daily maintenance before operating the machine every day, because the daily maintenance of automatic screen printing machines is very important. Can extend the service life of the screen printing machine. So, did you know that the daily maintenance of a fully automatic screen printing machine is also very important? The editor of Sikerui will introduce the daily maintenance methods of the automatic screen printing machine:

1. Before operating the screen printing machine, the operator must first check whether there is any dust left by the cutting chips at the joint between the movable guide surface and the guide surface of the screen printing machine, and keep it free of oil, fuzzing, scratches, etc.;

2. If the screen printing machine is not used for a long time, the screen printing machine should be wiped clean and placed in a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment;

3, novice operators can not disassemble the touch screen without the guidance of a professional master, because it is easy to damage the touch screen;

4. The operator must regularly conduct a general survey, accuracy inspection, adjustment, fault analysis and status monitoring of the screen printing machine equipment. There are also mechanical equipment, no work, quantity, clamps, cutting tools and workpieces, raw materials, etc. can be placed;

5. In the daily maintenance of the screen printing machine, the operator is strictly prohibited from disassembling parts. When the screen printing machine fails, immediately press the emergency stop switch and then turn off the main power supply, and notify the maintenance personnel;

6. Maintenance of screen printing machine parts: When adjusting the machine, we must pay attention not to use hard objects to hit the linear guides and other close parts, otherwise the machine will be easily deformed. Also pay attention to cleaning the sliding parts in time to avoid foreign objects such as ink Fall into and affect its combination and separation and adjustment work.


Flat Screen Printer's daily maintenance has many points to pay attention to. Improper use will shorten the service life of the screen printer, so the operator needs to maintain and maintain the screen printer correctly. We also need to inspect the printing press regularly, daily, weekly, and half-yearly inspections, not only to check the safety of the printing press, but also to check the personal safety. Mainly maintenance personnel, supplemented by operating workers.

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