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4 января  2021 г. 06:45

Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine Keeps The Same Speed

Stenter is a machine that uses screen printing technology to print text and images. The automatic screen printing machine has soft characteristics and is suitable for high-quality and expensive printing. Whether it is color or monochrome printing, the effect of gravure printing is the same as that of photos. The printing methods of the automatic screen printing machine can be divided into many kinds according to its format, printing machine varieties, ink properties and printing varieties, each with its own characteristics.

Let the editor briefly introduce the printing method of the fully automatic screen printing machine. If you are interested, please take a look at the following content.

1. Flat screen printing: Flat screen printing refers to the use of flat screen printing on flat printed objects to fix the layout, move the layout, and make the layout immobile.
2. Flat screen and curved surface screen printing: Flat screen and curved surface screen printing is a method of printing on curved surface impressions (such as balls, cylinders, cylinders, etc.). During printing, the squeegee is fixed and printed The mold object moves in the horizontal direction, and the impression rotates with the impression.
3. Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine: Rotary screen printing is cylindrical screen printing, and a fixed scraper is installed in the cylindrical screen. It is a printing method of cylindrical screen printing, which can synchronize the screen speed with the printing speed .
4. Indirect screen printing: One of the indirect screen printing methods is to print the image on the flat glass first, and then suck the image out of the elastic silicone head seal, suck out the image from the glass plate, and then print it on the special-shaped surface . Another indirect screen printing method is screen printing paper transfer, such as screen printing paper + thermal transfer, screen printing paper + pressure sensitive transfer, screen printing paper + solvent activated transfer.
The above-mentioned printing method is currently the mainstream of automatic screen printing, and friends in need can serve as a reference.

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