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28 декабря 2020 г. 04:33

Three Factors Of Stenter

The process of Stenter should be determined according to the following three aspects, namely temperature, time and tension. Let's take a look at the three factors of adding Stenter.

1. Stenter: Temperature
In the process of using Stenter, the controlled temperature determines the quality of the product, especially the quality of the characterization. Because after heat setting, the degree of wrinkles on the original surface of the fabric is eliminated, the surface smoothness is improved, and the thermal stability and other wear resistance of the fabric are closely related to low temperature heat setting.


Two, Stenter: time
Before sizing, the Stenter must reach a certain temperature before proceeding to the next step, which requires a heating process. Therefore, setting time is another important process condition. After the fabric enters the heating zone, the heat setting time can be roughly divided into the following parts: heating time, heat penetration time, molecular adjustment time and cooling time. The quality of the Stenter process is mainly reflected in the control of the time required for heating and heat penetration of fabrics with different factors such as performance, area, weight, fiber thermal conductivity, and fabric moisture content when setting.


3. Stenter: Tension
Due to the surface tension of the fabric produced by the change under certain conditions, the fabric size including thermal stability, breaking strength and elongation will be affected to a certain extent. With the addition of Stenter, the warp dimensional thermal stability increases with the increase of the warp overfeed during setting, while the weft dimensional thermal stability decreases with the increase of the degree of door width.



Therefore, controlling the three factors of temperature, time and tension, and using the setting processing with Flat Screen Printer, can basically guarantee the quality of the processing of the setting machine.

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