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16 ноября 2020 г. 05:00

Introduction To The Use Of Flat Screen Printer Nozzles

Flat Screen Printer nozzles are divided into industrial nozzles and non-industrial nozzles. Industrial nozzles are mainly Ricoh, Seiko, Konica, Toshiba, etc., and non-industrial nozzles are mainly Epson series, such as Epson 5th generation, etc., generally The mainstream sprinklers used in the market are Epson sprinklers, Ricoh sprinklers, Toshiba sprinklers, etc. Of course, different types of sprinklers are different in structure. For example, industrial sprinklers take Ricoh sprinklers as an example. All-steel structure, strong corrosion resistance, so long life. On the contrary, non-industrial sprinklers are a little worse than industrial sprinklers in terms of corrosion resistance due to the non-all-steel structure used, which also leads to a discount on service life. Of course, the common domestic cheap sprinklers that exist in large numbers in the market are beyond the scope of this article. After all, those few hundred cheap Flat Screen Printer nozzles, let alone the workmanship, have a short service life, and the nozzles are easily clogged. Although they are cheap, they are replaced frequently and time is the cost. It takes a lot of time to replace the nozzles. Still use production?


So the last editor sums it up: the premise of the service life of the nozzle is within a reasonable range and time of normal use, and then the nozzle must be maintained and maintained according to the recommendations of the Stenter manufacturer. The service life data obtained under the condition of correct operation, industrial The service life of print heads is generally 3-5 years, while non-industrial print heads are relatively inferior. In about 1-2 years, if you are buying a Flat Screen Printer, which print head you choose is also a technical task, and the life of the print head is also Just one of them, including the stability of the print head is also very important. After all, the universal flatbed printing solution is also very important. It is recommended to learn more about Flat Screen Printer print heads to help you choose your own Flat Screen Printer.

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