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2 ноября 2020 г. 04:21

Licheng Flat Screen Printer Is Energy-saving And Environmentally Friendly

Licheng Printing and Dyeing Machinery is a "leading" enterprise in textile equipment manufacturing and one of the biggest beneficiaries of the "energy saving and environmental protection" brand. This year, the company's sales of textile equipment such as setting machines are expected to exceed 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 30%.

Licheng Printing and Dyeing Machinery believes that the company can achieve such good results this year, mainly due to the company's efforts to presume energy-saving textile machinery such as shaping machines and Stenter, and the sales of these equipment have accounted for 50% of the total sales revenue this year the above.


Drying and setting is the last process of the printing, dyeing and finishing process. Licheng Printing and Dyeing Machinery is a professional textile equipment manufacturer, which has independently developed and produced the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly Flat Screen Printer. Compared with the traditional drying setting machine, this machine can save coal by 45%, electricity by 60%, and steam utilization rate can reach 85%. Once the product was put on the market, many customers came to ask for the goods. Seeing that the Flat Screen Printer developed by the company has been recognized by the market, Licheng Printing and Dyeing Machinery Division has seized the good sales opportunities and started production at full capacity, and the company is also ready to continue to expand its production scale next year.

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