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23 сентября 2020 г. 05:16

Hot Air Stenter Failure Solution

In the use of open rotary screen printer, it is inevitable that we will encounter such and other problems. Then when we encounter these problems, how should we solve them? In order to save everyone unnecessary trouble, licheng machinery will introduce to you Some common failures of open rotary screen printer and its solutions, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. The machine does not work when it is semi-automatic.
1, check the power supply.
       2. Check the foot switch and start button.
        3. Check whether the controller and inverter alarm.
2. The up and down speed of the machine slows down or gets stuck in the middle of the ascent.
       1. This fault is mostly caused by lack of oil on the upper and lower sliders.
       2. The motor time is long, resulting in the reduction of the motor power, and the motor needs to be replaced.

3. The machine does not move when printing on the right.
       1. The left and right inverters alarm.
        2. The machine potentiometer is faulty, replace the potentiometer and speed controller with new ones.

Fourth, the cylinder action slows down.
This type of failure is caused by water ingress or aging of the control solenoid valve or cylinder. Need to replace the new solenoid valve or cylinder.

Five, manual and semi-automatic are all inactive.
       This type of failure caused the switching power supply of the machine to burn out, and a new switching power supply was replaced.

6.When working semi-automatically, step on the foot switch and the vertical sliding seat will drop, and the printing seat will not move after it moves to the left.
The reason for this failure is that the proximity switch on the left side of the slide is not sensed or there is a problem.

Seven, the work surface runs but does not inhale.
This type of failure is also caused by a bad solenoid valve or bad suction cylinder.

Eight, automatic and semi-automatic start does not drop.
This type of failure occurs when the proximity switch on the right side of the slide is faulty or not sensed, the selector switch is faulty, or the single-action switch interlocking point is damaged. The solution is to adjust the proximity switch induction or replace the right proximity switch, replace or repair the selector switch and Single action switch.

Nine, can't start automatically.
This type of fault is caused by bad up and down proximity switches or an alarm from the up and down frequency converter.
Because of the Hot Air Stenter, it is slightly different. If you have any questions, Licheng Machinery is willing to actively answer for you at any time.

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