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9 сентября 2020 г. 04:29

There Are Many Types Of Hot Air Stenter Machine

        Hot Air Stenter Machine wrap roller belts are used on cloth guide rollers in various textile, weaving, printing and dyeing industries, and can be used to increase surface friction. Their biggest feature is non-slip, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-base and high-temperature resistance. The surface texture of each model is good and the texture is clear and beautiful. Rough rubber is used as the raw material, and all indicators must meet the requirements of non-slip and wear-resistant.

    There are also many types of Hot Air Stenter Machine wrap roller belts, including orange leather type, table tennis type, granular type, flannel type green flannel black flannel, soft leather type and so on. If you need to use strong abrasion resistance, you can choose the rough orange peel type for the best abrasion strength. They all use specially treated fabrics as framework materials, and various patterns are pressed on the surface. The wrapping roller belts used by various machines are different. The black short velvet series are commonly used on the stenter Hot Air Stenter Machine and the warp knitting machine, followed by the example of South Korea BOLIM, cloth inspection machine, rapier loom, Use BO-803 for sanding machine.

     Hot Air Stenter Machine wrap roller belt material, the surface is irregular, rough, and prickly like small stones. Natural rubber, artificial rubber, polyurethane pu, polyvinyl chloride pvc are produced through multiple processes such as melt glue and mechanical molding. The back of the rough bread roll belt is mainly made of polyester cloth, cotton cloth, and polyester fiber. It is bonded with a colloid and formed at one time. The roll material is generally two-meter width, and processed into different according to different needs. The package roller belt of specifications is convenient to use.


     Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory usually uses rubber matte tapes of common materials on laminating machines and slitting machines. This requires cork tape. In the past, the film was smooth due to the smooth guide rollers during rewinding, slitting, and printing. Slipping, resulting in a series of problems such as uneven film tension during rewinding and slitting, and inaccurate printing overprints. The traditional method is to encapsulate the guide roller or adopt other methods to increase the friction of the guide roller to prevent slipping. This method requires professional manufacturers to process the guide roller to complete this work. The reverse side of the cork tape is coated with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive, which can be directly wound on the guide roller and firmly adhered to the guide roller of the equipment, which is easy to operate. There are many styles of Hot Air Stenter Machine wrap roller belts. It is impossible to illustrate the differences of each style one by one. When choosing a matte belt for the machine, you can first inform the specific requirements for the matte belt, and then you can choose a suitable machine. 

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