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31 августа 2020 г. 05:39

How To Choose Film For Flat Screen Printer

What are the requirements of a good Flat Screen Printer for screen printing negatives

    1) The base and polyester film of the negative film must be highly transparent. The film surface should be on the front side of the film. We often find that some users use the medicated film on the reverse side of the negative film, and the positive film used for offset printing, the quality will not be guaranteed when this film is used for printing. Because the screen printing screen requires that the image on the film surface of the negative film should be in close contact with the photosensitive layer of the film.

2) The density (density = blackness) must be greater than D3. Offset printing uses a positive film smaller than D3, so the density of the positive film needs to be measured with a densitometer.

The density of images and texts everywhere on the negative needs to be higher. Hand-engraved masks are not suitable for use as screen-printing negatives. The film should be made of a photographic film with high hardness. Before using the negative film, you need to clean it with a cleaner or a dust roller.

3) The screen used for printing is not an ordinary fabric, but a high-strength material with very small tolerances. For example, we may all know that in a 120 mesh/CM wire mesh, there are 24,000 meters of wire per square meter, or 14400 small holes per square centimeter, but in fact the knowledge about wire mesh is much more than that.

Improving the working environment is conducive to achieving high-quality printing


    In pursuit of high-quality screen printing, in addition to the high-performance Stenter, as a screen printing machine worker, you should first have the correct quality concept. Secondly, there should be good working habits. For example, the working environment should be kept clean and all appliances should be well maintained. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, do not use a brush when cleaning the working environment to avoid flying dust. Use a damp cloth to clean the floor and clean the table and utensils. Clean working conditions can improve the quality of work, improve the working environment, and help achieve high-quality printing.

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