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6 августа 2020 г. 06:43

How To Maintain Flat Screen Printer During Holidays

The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival will be on holiday soon, and many printing factories are going to shut down. Today, I will talk about the maintenance methods of the screen printing machine:

1. The entire machine of the Flat Screen Printer is controlled by a full touch screen, so the touch screen is easily damaged, so it is strictly prohibited to be hit or scratched by hard objects or sharp objects. The user should wipe and refuel the Flat Screen Printer at least once a week as required;

2. Regularly check the water accumulation in the filter water cup of the Flat Screen Printer. Drain the water once every shift. Avoid bringing water into the cylinder. If you need to add lubricating oil regularly to each lubrication point, to ensure the normal operation of the Flat Screen Printer equipment;

3. Before each startup, you must first understand the machine's operating range, connect the air source and power source, and check the machine's operation, before it can be put into production use when it runs normally;

4. Please try to keep the Flat Screen Printer equipment clean. If there is dirt, please wipe it with a soft and clean dry cloth; if the dirt is difficult to remove, you can add a little neutral detergent to wipe it, and it is strictly forbidden to wipe with alcohol or thinner;

5. The main part of the equipment is disassembled, inspected and adjusted, including cleaning of the motor, checking the technical status, replacing lubricating oil, etc.; replacing some parts that reach the specified wear limit, such as bearing keys, electrical and pneumatic components.

1. Work, quantity, clamps, cutting tools, workpieces, raw materials, etc. cannot be placed on the Flat Screen Printer equipment.

2. Make sure that the joints of the movable rail surface and the rail surface of the Flat Screen Printer are free from chips, dust, oil, fraying, scratches, etc.

3. Do not disassemble the touch screen without the guidance of a professional master, it is easy to damage the touch screen;

4. If the Flat Screen Printer is not used for a long time, the Flat Screen Printer should be wiped clean and placed in a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment;

5. When the Flat Screen Printer fails, you must immediately press the emergency stop switch and then turn off the main power supply, and notify the maintenance personnel;

6. During the daily maintenance of Flat Screen Printer, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the parts, if there is any abnormality, stop immediately;

7. It is necessary to carry out general inspections, accuracy inspections and adjustments of equipment on a regular basis, and carry out failure analysis and status monitoring;


The daily maintenance of the Hot Air Stenter should be done every day. This will not only extend the service life of the Flat Hot Air Stenter, but also make it smoother during normal use, thereby printing satisfactory products.

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