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4 августа 2020 г. 04:15

The Hot Air Stenter Must Be Kept Lubricated

    With the development of science and technology, the range of application of Hot Air Stenter in our lives is very wide. The range of printing of these Hot Air Stenters is very wide and the quality is better. However, maintenance is a very important aspect in the process of using these Hot Air Stenters. We cannot take the maintenance of Hot Air Stenter lightly.
     In the maintenance process, maintaining the lubrication status of the Hot Air Stenter is a very important aspect. Proper lubrication can greatly extend the life of the Hot Air Stenter. First, before using the Hot Air Stenter, you need to check whether the lubricant of the Hot Air Stenter is in a proper state. Generally speaking, there is a grease nipple on the Hot Air Stenter. If the oil standard shows that there is no oil, we need us Add lubricating oil in time. Because if there is insufficient lubricating oil, it is very easy to cause the machine to run difficult, and in the process of use, wear and so on greatly increase.
    If there is insufficient lubricating oil, there will often be loud noises after starting the Hot Air Stenter. In this case, we all need to turn off the Hot Air Stenter in time and check the state of the lubricating oil. start up. If this happens, you need the help of a youth professional organization to deal with it, and see if there is a problem inside the Hot Air Stenter.
     In addition, because the open rotary screen printer often generates a lot of high temperatures during use, we need to conduct timely heat dissipation at this time, especially in the hot summer. When dissipating heat, you need to turn off the machine, or put it in a place with good ventilation when it is in use, which is more effective for heat dissipation. Our daily maintenance is directly related to the life of the open rotary screen printer.

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