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08.03.2021 04:50

     Printing has a history of more than 2,000 years in my country. As a kind of printing with a wide range of applications, from the original manual printing to the current automatic printing, the changes are still quite big. There are many types of printers, ink properties, and types of substrates. What are the printing methods of Flat Screen Printer?

1. Paper-based printing: small lithographic printing using paper as a plate material.

2. Transfer printing: the printing method in which the ink is printed on a medium first, and then transferred from the medium to the substrate.

3. Transcription printing: hand-printed wax paper mimeograph.

4. Lithographic printing: Lithographic for short. A direct lithographic printing process using stone as a printing plate.


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03.03.2021 11:18

Stenter is equipped with a pneumatic screen frame clamping device during work. They only clamp a few sides of the screen frame. It is equipped with a positioning pin registration system, which helps to speed up the alignment of the screen plate on the printing machine.

The size of the screen frame determines the area of the screen that the printing machine can accept. If this kind of automatic printing machine does not support the size of the screen frame you are currently using, you must change it to a new screen frame, which is very wasteful. So pay attention to the machine model, and the screen frame must be able to switch freely between sizes.

The cycle speed of an oval printing machine may be a factor to pay attention to when buying a printing machine. The larger cycle speed refers to the output of the printing machine in one hour when operated by one or two workers. Some printing machines can print hundreds of clothes per hour, and some


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01.03.2021 06:49

With the development of printing technology, the screen printing machine is closely related to our lives. With the continuous investment of different industries and large and small enterprises, the screen printing machine has become a hot printing product. Then you know the installation and adjustment of the Flat Screen Printer ?

1. The adjustment of the parallelism between the three layers of the printing plate, the guide rail and the working platform

①The platform and the guide rail should be parallel. If the two are not parallel, the scraper will not contact the platform with a certain pressure, and there will be gaps. Generally, this adjustment will be adjusted before the machine leaves the factory.

②The screen printing plate and the platform should also be parallel, otherwise the screen distance will


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18.02.2021 04:48

  Stenter entrance frame and width limiter: It can help the cloth guide to unfold and correct the cloth, and the cloth can be inserted in high and low positions. The compound center corrector (cloth guide) has the functions of guiding and straight-line correction. The sizing machine (rolling car) presses water and sizing.
  The rubber mold is made of wear-resistant and heat-resistant silica gel the temperature of the outer aluminum mold can reach 200°C. After setting, the inner shirt is tightly attached, without wrinkles, deformation, and bubbles, and can reduce damage. It can shape and proof in time, reduce sample development time, reduce costs, and better meet customer requirements. The accurate shaping of the shoe back is easier for the operation of the toe machine, thereby increasing the output.
  Flat Screen Printer can be rotated 360 degrees, and each surface to be treated can be rotated up to


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03.02.2021 04:38

In the field of modern wide-width Stenter systems, the integration of hardware technology in the electrical control system of production machines is increasing. The main control method is computer technology. At present, the real-time control of wide-width Stenter, that is, two-level microcomputer control, is applied to continuous synchronous speed control systems. The production line can improve the coordination accuracy of the transmission system to a new level.

How to coordinate the accuracy of wide Stenter

       In today’s wide Stenter field control, a two-stage digital microcomputer closed-loop system is used to directly control the operation of the wide Stenter or inverter through the serial port, and the animation on the PC screen is consistent with the actual execution status of the site. The operation of the real state of the machine can be completed intuitively through the keyboard or mouse,


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01.02.2021 05:21

Stenter's daily maintenance method

At present, automatic screen printing machines have been widely used in all walks of life, but every operator of automatic screen printing machines will carry out daily maintenance before operating the machine every day, because the daily maintenance of automatic screen printing machines is very important. Can extend the service life of the screen printing machine. So, did you know that the daily maintenance of a fully automatic screen printing machine is also very important? The editor of Sikerui will introduce the daily maintenance methods of the automatic screen printing machine:

1. Before operating the screen printing machine, the operator must first check whether there is any dust left by the cutting chips at the joint between the movable guide surface and the guide surface of the screen printing machine, and keep it free of oil, fuzzing, scratches, etc.


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25.01.2021 04:32

In the modern textile industry, the Stenter setting machine is essential. It can soften some unprocessed fabrics, and after a series of processing and finishing, it can make the fabric performance more stable and not easy to deform. At the same time, the stenter setting machine can also make the processed fabric achieve a better hand feeling, making it easier to attract consumers in the market.

So, what are the characteristics and main functions of the stenter setting machine? For this, many users and friends may know it better. Therefore, we mainly emphasize some of its main functions. First of all, with the help of this equipment, we can measure the length of the finalized fabric more accurately with the help of the coder contained in it to ensure the processing effect.

In addition, when using the stenter setting machine, we will find that it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly in many aspects. It not only saves a lot of water resources, but also reduces


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18.01.2021 04:52

 After the fabric is processed by the Stenter setting machine, the guide cloth is introduced to the operating table, the guide cloth is torn apart, the main control button of the cloth feed is clicked to red, and the needle protection entrance button is turned off to "0". Start the second half of the machine, and stop when the cloth guide head reaches the cloth outfeeding roller, connect the cloth guide with the guide belt, turn off the cooling drum tension motor to "0" and start the second half of the machine until the cloth guide is completely out of the cloth rack and stop. Turn off the main cloth output control button to red, start the machine to let the chain run idly.

The stenter setting machine hits the oven button to enter the heating system interface, set the heating temperature to 150 degrees, the circulating fan power is 50%, the exhaust fan is manually controlled and the air is drawn at 100% power, which can effectively remove the residual moisture in the oven,


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11.01.2021 04:35

When pre-sizing for spandex knitted fabrics, the Stenter setting temperature for spandex yarns produced by different manufacturers should be considered to be slightly different, and the appropriate setting temperature should be selected. Generally, the spandex content is less than 5%, and the knitted fabrics that are not severely curled during slitting can be directly open-width dyed after pre-sizing. If the content is greater than 5%, the knitted fabrics with open edges that affect dyeing must be sewn after pre-sizing. Dyeing can only be done in a cylindrical shape, otherwise the dyeing problem caused by curling cannot be overcome. When knitting fabrics are dyed, select the appropriate cloth speed and nozzle pressure to achieve better dyeing results. The cycle time is preferably 2 to 3 minutes. The speed calculation formula is: cloth speed = cloth loop length/ cloth cycle time .

1. Make sure to clean up the surrounding environment of Stenter, the top of the machine, the appearance


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04.01.2021 05:45

Stenter is a machine that uses screen printing technology to print text and images. The automatic screen printing machine has soft characteristics and is suitable for high-quality and expensive printing. Whether it is color or monochrome printing, the effect of gravure printing is the same as that of photos. The printing methods of the automatic screen printing machine can be divided into many kinds according to its format, printing machine varieties, ink properties and printing varieties, each with its own characteristics.

Let the editor briefly introduce the printing method of the fully automatic screen printing machine. If you are interested, please take a look at the following content.


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