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19 апреля 2019 г. 07:14

Safe Operation With River Pebbles Sand Making Machine

river pebbles Used Sand Washing Machine For Sale production line, in addition to jaw crusher is essential equipment, the general will need to use river pebbles sand making machine. So how safe operation of river pebbles sand making machine do? In casting machinery industry, a sand making machine is a machine-made sand-processing equipment frequently used. Correct operation sanding machine, not only is the production needs, but also to extend the life of a sand making machine. First, start work before sanding machine to check the vortex chamber door has not properly observed, so the material out from the swirl chamber to observe the door, causing the accident. Secondly, we should pay attention: the boot sequence sanding machine and transport equipment is: nesting → sand making machine feed.

Order can not be reversed, otherwise the Fault Analysis Of Vibrating Screen consequences could be very serious. Then: a sand making machine must be unloaded start until after vibrating crusher is operating normally before feeding. Sand making machine downtime and boot sequence in reverse order, casual parking is prohibited. The last point is greater than the specified prohibited materials into the sand making machine, otherwise it will cause an imbalance of the impeller and the impeller excessive wear, clogging impeller base to the center of the channel and into the feed tube to make sand making machine is not working properly. Discovered chunks feeding should be immediately removed. When stopping the discharge device, you should stop feeding, otherwise, it will cause crushed sand making machine impeller, burning motor.

These are a few safety precautions for safe operation river pebbles sand making machine should be noted. Customers using the machine in the process, not only need to pay attention to security issues, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the machine and maintenance issues. Regular maintenance and timely maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the ma

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