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21 марта 2019 г. 12:24

Cone Crusher For City Construction Waste Reuse

City construction waste Select Raymond Mill Manufacturers reuse, hand to promote the urbanization process is accelerating. The voice of the utilization of construction waste is getting louder and louder, construction waste crushing processing requirements is a hard and fast indicators, crusher production capacity is an important promotion. On the other hand, from the consideration of city environmental protection, shall comply with the national regulations on waste treatment in city construction, characteristics using the crusher itself should have the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, the production process should be to reduce noise, reduce dust and other reasonable solving many pollution factors.

Pew Jaw Crusher is in line with the above requirements, it is a long time use, application of broken one of the most striking crusher effect. Amount of processing materials, high production capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise, good sealing, repair maintenance cost is reduced greatly, so that the cone crusher production efficiency is greatly improved, is an ideal energy-saving grinding crusher. This machine is composed of a machine frame, transmission, eccentric hollow shaft, bowl type bearing, crushing cone, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, springs and adjusting discharge with hydraulic station and other parts. When working, the motor through a horizontal axis and a pair of bevel gear drives the eccentric shaft rotation, crushing cone axis on the eccentric sleeve forced dynamic do swing movement, the broken wall surface and surface near and sometimes from rolling mortar wall, so that the materials in the crushing cavity continuously by extrusion and bending and is broken, can effectively improve the efficiency of construction waste disposal.

cone crusher is facing more and more prominent city construction waste, and provides reliable protection. Waste brick, stone, concrete and other waste crushed by the crusher, can replace sand, used in masonry mortar, mortar, concrete cushion and so on, but also can be used to make bricks, paving brick, grille, color brick and other building materials.

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