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15 марта 2019 г. 10:53

Crushing production line to avoid pollution sources

Our society entered a period of Raw Mill rapid development, but with the development of society, the environment has been destroyed. We called for, don't let the environment to pay for social development, the harmonious development of modern industrial development and environment is the most important theme of contemporary times. In the mining machinery and equipment industry, but also pay attention to environmental issues. As a green environmental advocates, our starts from oneself, reduce dust pollution generated during the production of mining machinery equipment. To reduce pollution in mine front, must first learn to analyze the source of pollution, in order to avoid, in crushing production line as an example, pollution is comes from where?

The PEW Crusher material humidity when, into the bag filter is easy to adhesion in the filter bag, feeder blockage, leads to a decrease in ventilation bag filter, dust serious. We should break with lower moisture of material, not only less dust, also has a protective effect on crushing machine; 2 jaw crusher dust filter smaller machine, air amount is insufficient, the dust outlet plate cover and the crushing cavity to form the micro negative pressure, dust will be relatively large. Should choose the filter type large, paired with crusher corresponding; 3 if the fault more cloth bag dust remover and supporting components, not only affect the normal dust, but also increase the workload of equipment maintenance. Should choose reliable quality of mining machinery and equipment.

On the belt material in the fall, the air flow and the material into the airtight dust cover, spread to cover gas containing dust, pollution of the environment. Device protection sleeve in the belt, not only can prevent dust pollution, but also to protect the belt machine under the staff, to avoid accidental falling material damage; 5 in the actual production, when the material drying is often in the broken water spraying machine at the entrance, the bag bag pasting exacerbating the bag type dust remover and feeder jam. The bag type dust collector is intermittent dust, to reduce the number of jaw crusher shell leakage caused by the dust, the grid round air leakage should be seriously.

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