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28 ноября 2018 г. 07:38

Sand washing machine with artificial sand production line

Sand is now more widely used , and the Stone Crushing Equipment industry has been unanimously praised by users. Artificial sand appeared to promote the production of Sand , sand making equipment advances in production technology also makes artificial sand making industry more prosperous . Artificial Sand armed now, after many improvements and innovations of its efficiency and production capacity far beyond the traditional sand making equipment . Sand production line in sand washing machine is inseparable from further processing of artificial sand , which produce the best most qualified artificial sand .

Artificial sand making process

Artificial sand Stone Quarry Crusher production is also not simple, need to go through rough broken jaw crusher , sand making progress again after a crushing, coarse crushed sand washing machine after washing , get is consistent with building sand used . There are a lot of people do not understand why you want to use sand washing machine , river pebbles used directly after the line is not broken ? Artificial sand particle surface roughness , more angular , combined aggregate and cement , aggregates between good mechanical bite force is high, so the artificial sand concrete with high concrete strength than natural sand .

But here is the artificial sand artificial sand compliance with building standards , not only through artificial sand crushed . In the processing of the stone , and the stone due to fierce collision itself has a certain amount of soil containing so make artificial sand which contains a certain amount of powder and clay powder. The presence of mud powder serious impact crusher will significantly affect the price of sand gradation . The presence of powder but can make up for the gap caused by the artificial sand in concrete big , big water demand , poor mobility characteristics.

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