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14 января  2020 г. 05:15

Industrial Application of Raymond Mill

The ceramic soil can be used as a mud weighting agent after being processed by raymond mill. For example, when drilling in two oil wells or gas wells, the pressure of underground oil or gas tends to be higher, and the ordinary mud has a lower specific gravity, which is offset by the pressure of the mud alone. This part of the pressure is very prone to blowout accidents. The correct way is to use ceramic clay to mix the muddy clay and increase the proportion of the mud. This measure can effectively balance the pressure of underground oil or gas and greatly reduce the occurrence of blowout accidents.

The study found that ceramic micro-powder can be used as a weighting agent and mixed into the mud. It is necessary to use equipment to finely grind the ceramic soil to a suitable size, which can be mixed into the mud to increase the specific gravity of the mud. Therefore, the processing of ceramic soil requires a suitable mill. The raymond mill for ceramic soil processing can grind ceramic soil to a suitable size, and the special ceramic soil processing equipment is easy to operate and has high processing efficiency, which can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturer and obtain more profits.

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