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17 мая 2019 г. 06:17

Overview of kaolin processing in China

At the same time also gradually pay attention to the depth development of kaolin processing, and strive to technical development of high added value, the comprehensive processing of kaolin has entered a new stage. Especially to the eight five period, the amount of nearly 4000000 of the annual t rate of processing of kaolin comprehensive processing rate of the national increase has emerged from years of wandering in the 20% situation, in 1995 has reached 41.7%.

In 2000 has reached 58%. Shanghai city since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of urban infrastructure construction, the demand for building materials is growing, from the objective of increasing demand of kaolin. In the Shanghai municipal government and the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee, Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission, Shanghai City Electric Power Bureau and other relevant ministries leadership, support, firmly rely on progress of science and technology and coordination of all departments, Shanghai comprehensive processing of kaolin processing, working from the number, the level of technology, economy, social benefits and other aspects have made very significant progress. Utilization situation of Shanghai City, also reflects from one aspect of the general picture of kaolin processing in china.

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