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16 мая 2019 г. 05:42

The comprehensive utilization of calcium carbonate

Research on calcium carbonate, has persisted for 20 years, in terms of technical development of calcium carbonate system level is quite good, chemical, physical properties of applied technology research relates to calcium carbonate, mix design, strength development and durability. The research work, the application scope continues to expand, in particular has been long term performance and durability of everyone's attention, a system test data for 5 years.

They attach great importance to the calcium carbonate plant industry quality control system, from the development of technical standards and norms, as well as to the quality inspection of raw materials and products to enhance the control of.They have specialized in high quality calcium carbonate products (commercial name a) an Australian company, the company in the power plant investment in dry ash handling, sorting and storage devices, and the formation of development of tinea transportation, market the trinity of economic entity.

The company also operates the calcium carbonate dry out of design and manufacturing of ash, sorting plant ash, pneumatic conveying and commodity flyash crusher mixer truck, proportioning station equipment. Japan: since 70 twentieth Century world oil crisis, power ratio is gradually increasing, thermal power generating capacity in 1978 accounted for 3.7%, rose to 5.6% in 1985, in 1990 reached 10%, in 1995 reached 13%. In 1987 Japan power installed capacity of 180000000 kW, which dominated by oil accounted for 36%, followed by water power, accounted for 20%, nuclear power accounted for 20%, thermal power generation accounts for 9%. 1991 annual emissions of calcium carbonate is 4500000 T, which effectively use accounted for 30%, the remaining 70% for reclamation and backfill treatment. In the effective use of calcium carbonate used as cement raw material processing and mixed materials, admixtures, grouting materials, artificial lightweight aggregate, burned soil products admixture, aerated products, road base and artificial fish Chiao, also use cenosphere as refractory insulation materials.

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