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10 мая 2019 г. 05:33

The different needs of milling

Vertical roller mill is widely used in metallurgy, mine accurate classification operation, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries in the. It adopts the mode of motion of reciprocating rotary unique, mill surface almost horizontally, can make the material quickly to mill dispersed, less than the mesh particles quickly through the sieve surface, larger than the mesh particles are gradually transferred to the discharge end, effectively improve the milling efficiency and precision. 

By this process, the particle size can be qualified products and the separation is not qualified to open, not qualified to be returned to the reprocessing crusher in the front, then shipped to the qualified material stack as the final product, to ensure that all products are able to meet the requirements of the size. Vertical roller mill is usually composed of a mill box, a driving device, a mill frame, a supporting frame and a damping device and other components. 

Its working principle is the main use of the eccentric shaft to make the mill surface to do reciprocating cyclotron motion uniform, the use of the eccentric shaft also enhances the amplitude of excitation force, more stable, so the material and the net surface contact time long, increase the probability of milling, also to ensure the processing quantity and the milling effect.

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