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10 января  2022 г. 13:20

The newlyweds choose a good wedd...

Tongsheng chooses a day V.S. Master chooses a day?

In addition, the Tongsheng date selection method can only determine the auspicious date based on the birth year and zodiac of the two people at most. If you want to be more accurate, it should be combined with the birth month, date, and time.

Can you still get a date if you're religious?

Broadly speaking, choosing a wedding date is not superstition, but refers to having more than one wedding date. Marriage is not a matter of two people, but a matter of two families. The new couple and the two families may not 小型證婚場地 to the same religious belief. In order to reassure the elders, it is also possible to choose a good date for marriage. If you are choosing a date, you can refer to the 2022 wedding day!

Can you get married only with an auspicious wedding?

Basically, as long as the day is not a bad day, you can get married. You can pay attention to whether there is a "no marriage" on the Tongsheng for reference. In addition, try to avoid getting married in the third month of the lunar calendar (Qingming) and the seventh month of the lunar calendar (the Yu Lan month).

At the marriage registration ceremony, the couple legally sign, so the marriage date is required; there are no restrictions.

Besides the registration day, what other ceremony can choose an auspicious wedding day?

Gifts, dowry, bed, head and door to choose auspicious wedding day.

7. Accidentally chose the wrong day to get married, even the banquet, makeup artist, etc. have been booked, what is the solution?

If you still can't change the wedding date, you can only get married when you choose an auspicious time, and ask the big sister to perform ceremonies such as prosperity, prosperity, and family prosperity, so as to seek good fortune and avoid evil.

8. If you bury the skylight on the wedding day, will your marriage be happy forever?

Wrong! Many people are wrong about this. In fact, the auspicious wedding day is not to guarantee a happy life for you, but the most important thing is to bless your wedding day. The shortest auspicious day is valid for one day, and the longest is only 3 months. Marriage is managed and maintained by the efforts of two people, and cannot be blessed by auspicious days alone.

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