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23 декабря 2021 г. 06:39

How does Mastercard guarantee ca...

Answer: payment security has always been the top priority of Mastercard. We have always innovated and strengthened our anti-fraud system, transaction process and payment technology to ensure that every transaction is securely protected. The following are the security guarantees provided by Mastercard:

1. Early detection system to combat fraud

Due to the increasing development of hacking technology, the time difference between user data leakage and account theft is getting smaller and smaller, and the prevention process has become a matter of seconds. Mastercard reduces risks in several ways through the early detection system:

Through MasterCard's in-depth payment processing company of the network and its ability to predict and aggregate internal and external data sources, it can determine whether a card or an account is at risk, and issue a risk level alert to the issuing bank. Banks will be able to act more accurately based on the level of risk.

The Mastercard system warning is issued 6 to 18 months earlier than the traditional system, and banks have more time to prevent and combat fraud.

Mastercard can more efficiently and accurately determine the account risk level of the issuing bank, allowing the bank to deal with problems immediately and prevent problems before they happen.

Mastercard's early detection system is applicable to card issuers around the world, and records all fraudulent activities through any channel, such as ATM, online shopping, or physical store consumption.

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