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12 мая 2021 г. 14:35

Babies to buy tableware to seize these 5 points! Bamboo tableware is also suitab

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1. Choose what you like

When choosing tableware for your baby, colors, patterns and shapes are important, and it's best to do what they like. On the one hand, it helps the child to concentrate, on the other hand, bamboo knife makes darling like to eat alone. 2.

2. pay attention to the brand

Well-known brands use tableware generally through the national safety testing, will make the use of safer, to ensure that the materials used in tableware safe and harmless.

3. humanized design

The shape of the tableware is the best round or rounded corners, which can prevent Chinese babies from being scratched through effective measures.

If there are handrails on the bowl or scratch marks on the ears, it can help him to set the table. And you can consider having a grid when choosing a plate, so that you can avoid cross-tastes and help your child to distinguish food.

4. Heat-resistant performance

The heat resistance of the tableware also needs to be considered by parents. If the bowl is too heat conductive and too heat resistant, it is easy to burn the child.

5. easy to carry

Considering that Mom and Dad work requires us to take a child's tableware to Grandma's house, Grandma's house, so companies can best prepare a full set of tableware easy for students to carry, tableware sets will be a good choice.

The choice of tableware is not only related to the child's health, but also affects the development of independent eating.

As long as parents seize the baby's interest in eating with tableware, choose a set of safe and appropriate tableware for the child, pay attention to the use of the product while giving the baby enough patience and encouragement, then the child will grow up healthy and love to eat!

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