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28 апреля 2021 г. 11:44

What is a video conferencing microphone? It must have the following points!

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Omni-directional microphone is a portable video conferencing accessory product that can not only be used for high quality video conferencing through the USB interface of a computer and video conferencing software; it can also be used as a speaker and microphone hands-free calling device for wireless cell phones through the headset interface for high quality wireless cell phone conferencing. Its shape is simple and fashionable, easy to carry on business trips. Microphone pickup direction can be set according to the choice of meeting scenarios, and a variety of configurations can be selected for different sizes of conference rooms.conference speaker with mic: A Must-Have for Meeting Rooms

If it is their own personal to personal video development meeting, then the headset directly, simple and convenient, but if it is a point-to-point formal work meeting or other multiple conference room video conference, then we need to design and choose a special video conferencing microphone, then this video conferencing microphone should be how to be able to choose it?

A high-quality video conferencing omnidirectional phone must have the following points.

01 Omnidirectional

Many people do not have a concept of this microphone, generally using a gooseneck microphone or directional microphone, so we an important meeting management system is bound to develop the need to use a lot of microphones. In fact, a highly sensitive omnidirectional microphone can get to meet the social needs of students throughout the conference room sound information collection.

02 Anti-echo whistling

In the process of teleconferencing, sound is more important than image. If the video picture quality is poor, it may be barely acceptable, but if the sound is bad, then even the content of the meeting can not be heard clearly. Therefore, during the meeting, the microphone's anti-echo and whistle functions naturally have strict requirements. Companies must be able to choose a full range of microphones that can resist echoes when choosing a video conferencing microphone.

03 Strong scalability

The function of video conferencing will become more and more perfect, so you need to choose a video conferencing microphone with strong scalability, according to the conference room not suitable for wiring choose wireless video conferencing omnidirectional microphone, which can support multiple omnidirectional microphones, but also to meet the increasingly rich meeting function requirements.

Video for the meeting through the microphone is open or can not hear me speak?

See if there is a microphone on your side, if not, turn it on. If it's on, but doesn't work, that's the end of you.

What is a video conferencing microphone?

In fact, the microphone does not distinguish whether the video for the meeting through the use, the general can also be used in the video development conference, the main way of action is the Chinese sound input.

How about the performance of the video conferencing omnidirectional microphone itself?

Small conference room prefer universal wheat, convenient, audible source input and output integration. The better the wheat sound, the better the noise reduction. In addition, there are various specifications for the capture range of the omni-wheat, and the capture radius of the omni-wheat should be selected according to the size of the conference room. It may be more popular in the market with a radius of 2.5 and 4 meters.

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