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13 сентября 2021 г. 12:13

How to Customize the Homepage and New Tab on Microsoft Edge?

If you are curious to learn customizing the Microsoft Edge homepage and new tab, you have stumbled upon the right website. You will find the easiest way to edit the homepage and new tab on Microsoft Edge on this page.

Microsoft Edge is the world’s one of the most popular web browsers, as it is an iconic product of the Microsoft company for decades. However, its functionality and user experience are quite different from other browsers, such as Chrome and Mozilla. That is why some people find it hard to customize the homepage on Edge.

By default, you get the Microsoft website on its homepage with a bunch of irrelevant articles. It could be pretty irritating to see these useless articles on your homepage whenever you open your browser. Furthermore, you may want to use Google as your default search engine on your browser. The good news is you can effortlessly edit the whole home page on Microsoft Edge and even its new tabs. Whenever you open a new tab, you will see a home screen full of useless news. We will also show you how to edit these new tabs. All you have to do is grab a cup of coffee, read this guide, and follow our tips.

Microsoft Edge Home Page Customization

Microsoft has surprisingly improved its latest Edge browser as it is faster, efficient, and productive. You can even enhance it by changing its homepage as per your choice and requirement.

Please follow the instructions that we mentioned below:

  1. Open your Edge browser and select the three vertical dots button from the upper right.
  2. A new list of options will appear, and you have to choose the appearance option.
  3. Navigate to the customize toolbar section.
  4. Under that section, make sure the option that reads ‘show home button’ is enabled.
  5. Underneath the new tab page option, click on the second option.
  6. Now input the search engine address that you wish to use as your homepage.
  7. For example, you can set Google as your homepage on Edge by typing http://www.google.com into this text box.
  8. Now save the settings.

Restart your browser and have a look on your customized homepage with a new search engine. You will no longer see the Bing search engine and those unnecessary articles. This is how you change the home page on Microsoft's iconic web browser.

Customizing New Tab on Microsoft Edge

The given down instructions will let you edit the new tab content on your browser:

  1. Open your browser and then navigate to the three vertical dots on the top right corner.
  2. Click on the Settings option from the drop down.
  3. From the left side navigation bar, select the 'On startup' tab.
  4. From the right side window, navigate to 'open a specific page or pages.'
  5. Find out the 'pages' heading and click on 'add a new page' under it.
  6. A new window should pop up on your screen asking for your desired web address.
  7. Please input the address of the website that you wish to see always in your new tabs.
  8. For example, you can type http://www.google.com . This will set Google as the home screen in your new tabs. 
  9. Click the add button to complete the new tab customization.
  10. Restart your browser and then open a new tab to check your newly customized tabs.
  11. Now you have successfully removed the glitchy and boring home screen on your browser's new tabs.

This is how you change the homepage and new tabs on Microsoft Edge. We hope the information we provided was helpful and practical.


Source: - https://offsetup.wordpress.com/2021/09/13/how-to-customize-the-homepage-and-new-tab-on-microsoft-edge/

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