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8 сентября 2021 г. 11:58

A Complete Guide for Creating a Poll on Facebook

Are you looking for ways to create a poll on Facebook but don’t know anything about doing so? Stay with this post because here, you will learn everything about creating a Facebook Poll. 

A Facebook Poll lets you get the public opinion on a particular subject. It is an excellent way to know what other people think about a subject or topic. For example, if there are four pizza places in your locality and you have no idea about the best one, you can try finding the best one by adding a poll on Facebook. 

There is nothing complicated in starting a Facebook Poll. It can be done within a few minutes. Without any delay, let’s move on to the main topic through a stepwise process and get the most out of Facebook.  


How to create a Facebook Poll

Get ready with your computer or smartphone and open Facebook. After opening Facebook, find the Groups tab. This tab includes all the Facebook groups you are connected with. We want to tell you that you can only run a Facebook Poll within groups. The Facebook feed doesn’t directly allow you to add a poll. So, choose the group and start creating the poll using the below steps. 

  • If you are in the group, then locate the option from where you create any post. This option is known as Write Something or Create a public post. You have to click on this option.  
  • As you click on the option, a new window will open a space for creating a post. Scroll down and select the  Poll  option from the list. If this option doesn't appear to you, you may need to click on the three horizontal dots located in the bottom right corner. 
  • Now you have to write  your question  that you want to ask through a poll. 
  • Then you have to create  options  as answers to the question. 
  • If you want to get extra features, you can click the Poll Options button. 
  • After completely customizing the poll, hit the  Post  button. Now you have successfully created and posted a Facebook Poll. 

How to edit or delete a Facebook Poll

There isn't any hard and fast rule for editing or deleting a Facebook Poll. You can do it as you do with a Facebook post. A posted poll on Facebook can be both deleted and edited. Follow the below instructions to edit or delete a Facebook Poll.

  • Locate the posted poll under the group. 
  • Hit on the three horizontal dots from the top right side of the post. 
  • Now you get options to  Edit  or  Delete  the poll. 
  • If you don't want to get notifications or comments regarding the survey, you can disable the same from here.   

How to post a poll to Facebook Stories

Now the time is to learn how to post a poll under your Facebook Stories. You can get your friends' opinions by asking a question on Facebook. But keep in mind that a Facebook Story won't remain forever on Facebook. Moreover, use these steps to post a poll in a Facebook Story. 

  • Go to Facebook. Look at the upper side of the News Feed and click the button called + Add to Story. 
  • Capture a photo or video by clicking on the Shutter button. As preview appears, hit on the Stickers button from the upper right corner.
  • Press the  Poll  button and make a poll.
  • A question and the Write the add to two two options as with the answers to the question, such as with the  Yes  and  No .  
  • Hit the  Done  button after you are ready to post.
  • Now hit the option called  Share to Story,  and the poll will be posted in no time.

Source: - https://offsetup.wordpress.com/2021/09/08/a-complete-guide-for-creating-a-poll-on-facebook/

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