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1 сентября 2021 г. 12:23


Borders are the lines that mark where the columns and rows are and help you in locating the data. But Microsoft OneNote has a Hide Borders feature which allows users to hide borders within the table.

Steps to Hide All OneNote Table Borders

You can hide borders in OneNote very easily using columns and rows in your OneNote table. Some users also prefer to use the no borders look in table on OneNote. In this blog, we will discuss how to hide borders in a table on OneNote.

It is very easy to hide borders in OneNote as per your choice. All you have to do is follow the steps written down below -

➔ Launch Outlook.

➔ Then, start creating a table.

➔ A Table tab will appear on the screen with several features to help you in forming the table.

➔ Now click anywhere in the table, then click the Hide borders button. Tables are hidden now.

Let's see the steps in detail:

➔ Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.

➔ Now, you need to make a table.

➔ You can see the Table tab with many features to format the table.

➔ After that, press anywhere on the table and press the Hide Borders button in the format group.

➔ Now, you have easily hidden the borders in the table.

➔ Press the Hide Borders button if you wish to return to the borders in the table.

You need to choose the Table tab if you wish to hide the borders on a table in OneNote. For this, you need to make a table first and then get access to the table tab. The table tab contains features to format the table in the style you want.

Steps to Recover Deleted OneNote Notes on a Windows 10

➔ Go to OneDrive. Then, you need to enter your email id and password and log in to all your OneDrive files in Windows 10.

➔ After that, search the documents folder in OneNote. Like others, you can also find OneNote folders or files here.

➔ Now, you need to open a OneNote file and move to the View tab on the Ribbon menu.

➔ After that, under the View tab, choose the Deleted notes entry.

➔ Also, select a file, and you want to restore the original version.

➔ Now, go through the content of the file.

➔ If you find all well, click right the file and select the Restore option.

➔ Now, choose a section and restore the deleted note. Once you confirm, you can see the file to be moved back to the original notebook.


Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking program of Microsoft Office 365. It can be used for various activities like notes taking, checklists, article writing, manuals, taking notes, etc. You can bring any changes in its format to make it attractive or the way you like, it can be either hiding your table's borders or adding a snapshot.

Meta Description

You can easily hide the borders of tables in OneNote using some steps. Also, get to know how to recover deleted OneNote notes on Windows 10 PC.

Source: - https://offsetup.wordpress.com/2021/09/01/steps-to-hide-the-borders-of-tables-in-onenote/

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