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13 августа 2021 г. 10:10


Taking screenshots of websites will be simpler for desktop users with the Google Chrome browser because of a tool released soon. Soon, a new screenshot tool will be available in the Chrome browser, which makes it easy to take and modify screenshots in the browser without the need for an external program. The integration of Google Lenses can be seen in the new tool found in Chrome, which implies that the components in the screenshot may be simply searched for using the new tool.

You can capture screenshots in this way.

The print screen escape key must be hit to take screenshots in the Chrome browser on a desktop computer, after which the picture may be saved by copying it into an editing program. Chrome users will also have the option to install specialized extensions for taking screenshots, which will be available in the future. As a result, the process of taking screenshots for users is too lengthy and time-consuming. With the help of the new specialized tool, this job will become much simpler.

A new option is coming on the share menu.

In the desktop version of the Chrome browser, users will have access to a more extensive share menu. Copy link, copy link to text, and screenshot are some of the choices available from this menu. It is presently under development. According to a report from 9to5Google, users will be able to activate it by visiting chrome: / flags. According to the source, the feature will be available to all Chrome users by the end of September with the Chrome 94 version.

Scroll Option is missing.

The snapshot tool included in Chrome Desktop will suffice for the most part, and it will just record the information that is now visible on the screen. After capturing a screenshot, users will be presented with a number of choices, including the ability to download, modify, and share the picture. However, for the time being, the new tool will only have a restricted set of capabilities, with users unable to browse through and take screenshots of the whole site. It is possible to capture or scroll screenshots of the whole website using a variety of third-party applications.

Built-in image editor

There is widespread speculation that the screenshot tool available in Chrome will have a built-in editor and that users will also be able to upload the picture to Google Lens after it is captured. In addition, the ability to share screenshots will only be accessible in Chrome OS and Windows 10, as well as certain built-in sharing capabilities similar to those seen in Android smartphones and tablets. Users may also make use of built-in screenshot capabilities via Chrome for Android's share menu. As a result of this, capturing and editing screenshots is made possible.

Safety Features are coming by year's end.

By the end of this year, Google plans to provide additional capabilities to its Chrome browser, now in Beta. Users may notice new changes due to the Chrome 91 update, and the firm may be able to offer some 'safe browsing' capabilities as an upgrade. According to the Mashable article, with the new capabilities accessible in the Chrome browser, users will choose better Chrome extensions for their devices. Users will also be protected if they want to download files from the Internet.

Chrome will ultimately become considerably safer and more reliable due to these two upgrades, and users will take full use of the capabilities. Because of its widespread use and AI-integrated mechanism, Google Lens is becoming more important; due to this integration, it will become even more helpful for chrome users.

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Google Chrome is a widely used browser. According to a report, the Google Lens integration tool is coming on Chrome to make it more powerful and user-friendly.

Source: - https://offsetup.wordpress.com/2021/08/13/google-lens-integration-tool-is-coming-on-chrome-browser/

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