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10 августа 2021 г. 15:50

What are the Ways to Sync an Outlook calendar with an iPhone?

Outlook works as an excellent tool for businesses in managing important meetings and the workers’ daily tasks. And if you want to organize your personal life, you can also take advantage of it. 

Microsoft provides Outlook to work on computers. And that is why it becomes challenging to use it on other devices. But here is good news for you: you can access Outlook calendar on your iPhone through syncing. Here is how to do it. 

Install Microsoft Outlook on your iPhone

First, you have to ensure that if you have a Microsoft subscription and Outlook access. And then check which of your Microsoft accounts it is connected to. After that, take your iPhone and install Outlook app for your iOS device. You can download it on your device for free, and you will be able to use Outlook features. After installing Outlook on your iPhone, it will be easy for you to sync your Outlook calendar on your iPhone. 

If you use an iPad, remember that the Outlook updates for iOS are now compatible with iPad Split View. It is especially advantageous for the Outlook calendar to view in email and access your calendar if you want to make some changes on the same screen. 

Sign in and allow auto-sync

After getting the Outlook app on your iPhone, you will need to sign in and allow auto-sync. To do so, open your iPhone's Settings and then select the Password & Accounts option. After that, you have to choose Add Account, and all the compatible accounts for your device will appear. You have to locate an option and logo about Outlook.com. 

Now you have to type your Microsoft account details to sync Outlook from your iOS device. You will also be asked if you wish to sync your calendars, and you have to allow this option. You can ensure the calendar syncing anytime by going into the Settings of your Outlook app.    

If you have used the same Outlook account across many of your devices, then any changes you will make with your calendar will affect all linked devices. For example, if you create a new event on your computer, you will also see it on your iPhone. You don't have to sync every time when you add a new appointment or event on the calendar. 

Use iCloud Calendar information if required

It wasn't easy to sync iCloud data with the Outlook app, but now it has become a little bit easier because of Apple's improvement in the iCloud. If you want to use calendar data stored in iCloud, you can take it on your Outlook calendar through a simple process. 

Go to iCloud and sign in to your account. Here it will be easy for you to go through  iCloud for Windows  that will allow you to do it through a Windows PC. And it will be comparatively simpler than doing it using an iPhone. After all, sign in to your account and check the box like Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks. Finally, hit the Apply button. You can sync all data at once or select specific information and then share.   

Decide if you want to sync all calendars on MacOS

You won't be able to choose a calendar to sync from Outlook on a Mac while using an iPhone. And because of that, your data is stored on the cloud to stop you from selecting. You can only control the calendar you have stored on your laptop. 

You can also hide particular calendars by using the Outlook app on your iPhone. From the app, you have to click on the calendar icon and then on your account icon. And then remove the checkmark from the calendars that you want to view. 


Source: - https://m2setup.co.uk/what-are-the-ways-to-sync-an-outlook-calendar-with-an-iphone/  

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