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7 июля 2021 г. 11:12

Sony X90J Series Review: Get a Polished Experience

The Sony X90J is practically everything a mid-range 4K LED-LCD TV should be. Few LED-LCD TVs can equal it in terms of picture quality and feature set for the money, putting it at the top of its class for mid-range models. We don’t like that the TV only has two HDMI ports with 4K/120Hz capability and that it has some screen glare concerns, but overall, this is a great TV that most people will enjoy.


The 65-inch Sony X90J (XR65X90J) is currently available for purchase for $1,599. Of course, the range starts at a lower price point for smaller models, with a 50-inch model (XR50X90J) costing $1,099 and a 55-inch model (XR55X90J) costing $1,299. A larger 75-inch option (XR75X90J) is also available for $2,399 (XR75X90J).


The Sony X90J isn’t as sleek as the company’s OLED TV series because it’s a full array LED-LCD TV with local dimming, but it’s certainly not unattractive. This TV features a thin bezel and two skinny legs, albeit it doesn’t have the edge-to-edge display that some other 4K TVs do. The legs themselves are simple to slot into place around the border of the TV and provide excellent stability.

The Sony X90J’s screen isn’t the thinnest on the market, but it makes good use of the extra space. A complete array screen with local dimming and a rock-solid sound system with two sound placement tweeters on the sides of the TV and down-firing woofers are included inside the TV.

You’ll find four HDMI ports (two of which support 4K/120 and one is eARC compliant), as well as ethernet, digital optical audio out, auxiliary, and an RF tuner if you turn it all the way around to the back. There are two USB ports as well.

Finally, the Sony X90J comes with the most recent voice remote, which includes a built-in microphone as well as four shortcut buttons for Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Disney Plus. The remote feels excellent in your hand, and it’s not simple to misplace due to its size.


Colors and highlights are extremely stunning here, as one can anticipate. The TV performs an excellent job of upscaling HD content to 4K, and native 4K HDR content – particularly those shot in Dolby Vision – looks stunning. That comes as no surprise, as we felt the same way about the Sony X900H, the X90J’s predecessor.

The new Cognitive Processor XR, which offers greater depth to select situations – especially older HD video – and better contrast management, is the major upgrade this year.

The processor’s interaction with the complete array screen and an integrated light sensor is responsible for improved contrast management. The TV boasts a feature called XR Contrast Booster 5 that boosts bright areas while lowering black levels in the same scene, and owing to ambient light sensing, it maintains that contrast regardless of the lighting conditions in the room.

The good news is that even when set to Standard picture mode, the TV looks fantastic and has no serious flaws when seen straight on. The picture is nicely saturated right out of the box, with no picture flaws or motion artifacts. Switching to a different mode will give you a new color tone and/or motion processing option, which is nice if you want even smoother control while watching sports. But most of the time, Standard or Custom with a few altered parameters will suffice.


The Sony X90J is surprisingly powerful in the sound department for a mid-range TV without a connected speaker. The X90J uses only two 10W full-range drivers and two side tweeters to provide convincing and clear audio that, for the most part, sounds excellent.

The X90J, like other Sony TVs, features Sony’s innovative X-Balanced Speaker to produce cleaner sound with less distortion at high volumes, and the tweeters assist in extending the TV’s soundstage – albeit it does make some bass response tradeoffs. The shows, movies, and games we watched on TV sounded crisp and clear, with clear language and solid simulated 3D sound. While the simulated 3D audio will never be as excellent as a full Dolby Atmos setup – it’s not even close – it is a useful feature to have while you wait for a more comprehensive AV system to be installed.

The good news is that the TV supports Dolby Atmos passthrough via its HDMI 3 eARC connector, making it simple to connect a soundbar and operate both from the TV’s remote. We recommend combining it with a soundbar like the Sonos Arc, but any Dolby Atmos soundbar will suffice.

Overall, there's certainly space for development, particularly in stronger bass and better-simulated surround sound, but it's one of the more powerful TV speaker systems we've heard on a mid-range 4K TV.


Sony's X90J is a significant upgrade over last year's versions, with HDMI 2.1 support, a faster processor, and a new Google TV Platform smart TV interface. Its color reproduction is fantastic, thanks to some ingenious processing techniques that make images look as good as they can on an LED TV. In addition, it has great upscaling and motion processing capabilities. However, there are a few areas where it may be improved. The X90J features one of the largest screens we've seen in a while, and serious gamers will be disappointed by the lack of VRR at launch. And, while its speakers are adequate, they could be a little punchier - though, of course, adding a soundbar solves this problem.

Overall, the Sony X90J is a fantastic mid-range television for the money, with excellent picture clarity, good black levels, smooth motion, and good usability.


Source: - https://help6mcafee.uk.com/sony-x90j-series-review-get-a-polished-experience/ 

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