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25 июня 2021 г. 13:02

Is There A Fix For iOS 14.6 Battery Drain Issue

With the release of iOS 14.6, many Apple smartphone owners have reported about its worse battery life. Unfortunately, no straightforward fix for this is still in sight.

Apple has already released iOS 14.6. With its release, many users have downloaded and installed it on their iPhones. Now, the problem is that several users are complaining about battery drain issues in their iPhones. While looking back at the previous software updates, it seems uncommon for software updates to cause such excessive battery usage initially when you download it. But, the issues that iOS 14.6 software update has caused are pretty infamous.


What iOS 14.6 Bring With It?

The tech giant rolled out its software update, OS 14.6, on May 24. For the most part, it is considered a faint-hearted software update. Apple introduced many updates with iOS 14.6, which includes precise enhancements to AirTag trackers, new tools for the Apple Card Family service to track expenses, and the new functionality for the Voice Control feature of the Apple iPhone. For some users, it’s a helpful update, and many others don’t feel so.

iOS 14.6 Causing Battery Drain Issue

MacRumors has reported that both the website of Apple Support Community and its forums are flooded with users’ complaints. For example, users are complaining that downloading iOS 14.6 on their iPhones is causing battery issues. In addition, one iPhone 7 user has reported that their smartphone now runs out of battery only after 2 hours of use.

Another iPhone XS owner also reported the same issue. He said that Siri voice assistants consumed over 70 percent of their ultimately charged battery while sleeping mode. Even many iPhone 12users have also reported battery issues.

Right now, it is difficult to calculate how widespread the current issues are. But, these issues undoubtedly seem to affect a wide range of both old and new iPhones. Moreover, with each iOS software update, such under the hood modifications often result in worse battery life for a temporary period.

But, seeing the latest iOS 14.6 updates that have been for over a week and persist, Apple needs to find a fix for this immediately.

Poor Battery Life: What iPhone Users Can Do?

Meanwhile, what can iPhone owners do who are affected by the terrible performance of their device batteries. Well, such users can try many troubleshooting tactics. For example, an iPhone user has enumerated troubleshooting tactics in the Apple Support Community. According to the iPhone user, you can delete the Apple Podcasts app, soft reset your iPhone, and then reinstall the app.

Such tactics can make a big difference in battery use. Some other iPhone users have also backed up this troubleshooting tactic. According to some other users, when you go to your iPhone battery usage page, it shows if the Podcasts use more battery than they should. 

To check such an issue, you can click on Settings to open it. After that, scroll down, and click on 'Battery.' Further, scroll down to the particular page to see the usage of the battery by each installed app.

It may sound silly, but it will be an excellent decision to reset your iPhone properly. First of all, keep holding down the volume up and Siri buttons until the power menu appears to you. Now, drag the toggle saying 'Slide to power off. After that, please turn off your iPhone and allow it to remain turned off for 30 seconds. At last, power it and see if everything is running smoothly on your iPhone.

Apart from these few tactics, there is nothing else left except waiting and seeing whether Apple says anything about these issues and complaints. Most possibly, the tech giant could roll out a patch with a more minor iOS 14.6.1 to address the issues.

Else, Apple may introduce any fix with iOS 14.7. However, it is not possible to say anything and what exactly Apple will do at this time. Or how the company offers an insight into it. Let's wait and hope for the best to happen soon.

Source: - https://karenmintonwp.wordpress.com/2021/06/25/is-there-a-fix-for-ios-14-6-battery-drain-issue/

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