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9 июня 2021 г. 11:45

Snap Intends Launching a Story Studio Video Editing App

Snap prepares to be the company people thought about when they go to edit videos on smartphones. So, amid its annual partnership summit today, Snap announced the latest iOS app Story Studio. This app will help the company to achieve that target. It will render people editing gears purposely designed for smartphones or vertical, videos. The app will collect data from Snapchat and its latest Spotlight feature. Spotlight is more popularly recognized as its TikTok competitor. It will help people to find out how and what to make.

The company can look through Snapchat statistics, for instance, what is trending right now on the app. Also, they can look through sounds, hashtags, and lenses. Lenses will be installed directly into Story Studio, along with Snapchat Sounds and stickers. So, the editors can directly add those stickers or sounds in the videos. Obviously, like most other video editing apps, people can trim and edit their videos frame by frame. They can then transfer directly to Snapchat through a built-in key. Also, can download their content to post it on other apps. Notably, content edited in Story Studio won’t include a watermark. This means, if you publish your edited video on other platforms, like Instagram, TikTok, etc., it won’t be degraded by the algorithm.

When will the App Launch?

The Story Studio will roll out later this year, and Snap didn't disclose any other information about a possible Android version.

Additionally, recently, the company has given updates on Spotlight. Story Studio is making it simpler for video editors to edit and publish the content they created on highly advanced desktop apps, for instance, Final Cut Pro. Spotlight content can now be published and viewed through the web at snapchat.com or spotlight.

At last, the company also further said that it would no longer be dispensing $ 1 million every day as the company was providing to its top and popular Spotlight creators. Instead, beginning June 1st, it'll give millions every month and didn't mention exactly how much. The money creators get will be depending on the engagement their contents receive. As it is now, and there's no fixed limit on the figure of creators who can get paid.

No doubt, this could be a great deal for the company as it announces Spotlight as a big success. Some teenagers all of a sudden became overnight sensation and earning millions. Snap highlighted that over 125 million people used the feature in March. At the same time, the company also says that more than 500 million users are now monthly active users, which it announced its partnership summit. It has a high possibility that Spotlight had a hand in this success, but the count of users logging on might go down when the promise of a million distributed dollars every day disappears.

Meta Description

Snap intending to launch a video editing app. The news came up from the snap's annual summit. Also, snap will disable the distributing 1 million per day scheme.

Source: - https://karenmintonwp.wordpress.com/2021/06/09/snap-intends-launching-a-story-studio-video-editing-app/

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