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24 мая 2021 г. 15:32

Simple Ways to Fix Windows Cannot Complete the Extraction Error

If you get Windows cannot complete the extraction error message on your computer screen, moving the archive file to a different folder could help. There are a lot of ways to fix this problem and to extract your zip files successfully. It could be very irritating when you see an error message on your screen while uncompressing or extracting an archive file on your computer. This is why we are here with the solutions to fix it.

A few things can help you to compress your ZIP files without getting the ‘windows cannot complete the extraction’ error message. For example, you may have to rename the file, choose a different extraction path, fix the archive file, and all.

We suggest you stay on this page and follow all the solutions mentioned here as long as your error doesn’t fix.

Let’s go ahead.

Troubleshooting Windows Cannot Complete the Extraction

1. Move the compressed file

The current location of your ZIP or RAR file could be the most likely reason for this error. Some destinations on your computer are not in your control, and you may not have complete access to that particular location. As long as the compressed file is located in an encrypted or secured folder, you won’t be able to extract it. You will have to change the location of the file and move it to an unprotected folder where you have complete access. You should copy and paste the compressed file on your desktop screen for elevated user permissions access. So, please navigate to the file that you wish to compress and make sure to copy it. Now visit the desktop screen and right-click on the blank portion. Select the paste option to copy the file to the desktop.

Now please attempt to uncompress it and see if it still shows the error. If you are still facing the same issue, do not worry and focus on the next solution.

2. Via third-party compressors

 If the built-in Windows function is throwing the same error over and over, you may have to use a dedicated tool. There are a lot of tools to compress and decompress files on Microsoft Windows. One such popular application is WinRAR. Just install it on your device from its official website and extract the compressed file using this utility. You can also try other tools, such as 7zip and WinZip.

3. Reduce the filename characters

If the compressed file name is notably too extensive, it could cause errors during the extraction process. Numerous users have fixed this issue by renaming the file and reducing the name length. Windows file system only allows up to 260 characters in a filename, and if you try to name a file on your computer with more than 260 characters, it will cause problems. However, it doesn’t apply to compressed files. But when you try to convert a compressed file into a standard file, you need to make sure the characters in the name do not exceed the limit. Check if the file name is too large that you are trying to uncompress. If the file name appears too large, rename it and use a simple and short name.

4. Select a different destination file path

While extracting the file, please make sure you expect it to a regular folder. Do not try to extract it into a private or system-protected folder. If you do this, you will get Windows cannot complete the extraction error, and your operation will stop. So, first of all, make sure to extract it to the desktop. Once you have the extracted file, you will be able to move it to anywhere you like.

5. Repair the corrupted archive

 It could be possible the file you are trying to extract is damaged or corrupted. You will need to fix it in order to convert it into a normal file. The best way to repair the damaged archive file is simply downloading it from the primary source. Compressed files typically get damaged when something wrong occurs during downloading. An unstable or weak internet connection may cause partial or complete file damage to the compressed file. As long as you are using the damaged file, you won't be able to extract it. You can also repair the file if you cannot re-download it.

We hope the solutions we have given in this article will accomplish and fix your problem effortlessly. Thank you for approaching here.

Source: - https://karenmintonwp.wordpress.com/2021/05/24/simple-ways-to-fix-windows-cannot-complete-the-extraction-error/

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