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12 мая 2021 г. 13:47

Atari VCS System A Detailed Review

Several reviewers with hands-on experiences, such as Dan Ackerman from CNET, have called it a hybrid computer console, which might look like a gaming module at first glance, but with further use, it faces desperate identity issues.

It is needless to say that “Atari VCS” has been a highly anticipated product, but upon its release, several reviewers found flaws in its design and are not sure whether the system was intended to be a gaming console or a personal computer, or something that acts like both. And, Atari has created a product facing a profound identity crisis.

Just like Atari, the history of “Atari VCS” has not been very linear. In the initial stages, the design and development commenced on crowdfunded money; however, the project did not meet its deadline, and it became long overdue. Nevertheless, the device has already been started shipping to the crowdfunding stakeholders, and it is expected to reach the public eye soon. And akin to its parent company, Atari VCS is conflicted with its true identity. Over the years, Atari has had a hard time figuring out what it really does best, whether it is producing video game consoles, or software products, a computer manufacturer, or merely a pop-culture icon. All in all, “Atari VCS” primarily looks like a gaming console, but it also gives indications of a fully workable personal computer with a low form factor.


However, reviewers like Dan Ackerman are not overly impressed with what they have witnessed in “Atari VCS.” Despite coming at a bargain price of $399, “Atari VCS” hasn’t stood up for what it has promised. Neither in gaming functions nor in the PC functions. However, if you choose to buy the system at $399, you are also eligible to get supplement devices such as a joystick and wireless gamepad.

There are users who were hooked on this product from the very start because of its promise to provide a Linux or Windows desktop in addition to the gaming consoles. However, it is a well-understood fact that the games offered by Atari on the consoles such as Crystal Castles, Asteroids, Centipede can be easily found and played on other consoles, so they aren’t much of an attractive facet. These games can be easily enjoyed in a standard gaming console as well as arcade iterations. Thus, the only thing that did attract the users towards the products was its promise of dualism.

Nevertheless, if we can take a moment to talk about something positive, then the system is a real Atari hallmark. While using it, it will give you all the feels and vibrations of an authentic Atari product ranging from the user-interface hardware to the software. Even the smart production of a 2600 Atari joystick will give you a vintage feeling. Still, it is imperative to keep in mind that Atari really has become a normal intellectual property now, and it has been used as a trading property over the course of many years. Presently, its owner is a gaming enterprise based in France previously known as Infogrames.

A Distorted Identity

A general opinion is getting formed among the reviewers based in the tech industry that Atari VCI would have been so much better had the company focused on just one domain. And, it has been predicted that the popularity and sales of the device are likely to get stalled because of a real identity distortion or crisis. On the one hand, it tried to be a gaming console, and everything alludes to the fact that the manufacturers sort of knew that they are likely to face stiff competition in that domain. There are big-game players in that circle ranging from Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X; you name it. And, it is not just about the cost either. There are consoles, for example, Switch Lite (which comes at $199) and Series S (which comes at $299), which can be bought at a lower price than Atari VCS, and provides a far more immersive gaming experience than the latter.

And, even if the user gets entertained in playing retro games, then he can opt for consoles such as Sega Genesis Mini and Classic, both of which can be bought at a price far lower than $100, and they would offer you everything you need to play old games on modern devices. So, considering these factors, it is understandable that they went for duality to offer users much more dynamism. However, there is a problem there as well.

If you look at the Atari VCS from a desktop perspective, then it can be called a workable PC with a low form factor and with loaded DIY undertones. The technology used to manufacture the system is called “AMD SOC” (system on chip) from the brand “Ryzen R1606G.” The GPU used here just provides enough capacity to the system to run games of light processor load, and there is an extended M.2 slot for the users who might wish to expand the specifications.

The problem with the desktop facet of Atari VCS is the fact that it only operates with its own Atari Operating System, and if the user wants to convert the system into a Linux system, for example, then he or she would need to load an additional operating system in SSD storage space, which also has been limited to just 32GB. Hence, the caveats raise enough red flags to give a second before opting to purchase the product.

A Thing from the Past

Even with all of its retro vibes, Atari VCS will not stand a chance against its competitors if only sold as a solitary gaming console. However, the manufacturers have stubbornly tried their best to create a vintage model which would thrive on nostalgia instead of immersion. However, despite the retro-appearance, a user will likely experience a lot of limitations once the system gets turned on.

Once you get on the gaming mode, you will see that the system would already have pre-installed games stored in both console and arcade iterations. However, due to a mismatch in today’s time and past, there is a possibility that the game will burn out quickly. Why? Well, for example, when you play the game called Asteroids, which gamers thoroughly enjoy playing in the arcade iteration, your progress would depend on how much you can grasp the knowledge from the set of instructions that will be displayed on the screen. It breaks the rhythm, flow, and tone of the game. And, if you remember the older versions, there was a booklet supplemented with the game that had all the instructions. Reading instructions from the screen is not beneficial for the gamer in the longer run, and Atari went ahead with it, causing another disadvantage for Atari VCS.

If you keep the resolutions up to 1,920×1,080, you will not face any lags, and the gaming experience along with the navigation and menu would feel optimal. However, the moment you go for 4K or HD resolution, your system will start to show problems, and ultimately, your experience is likely to go down.

The whole album of titles is a little underwhelming, and the titles that are available can be easily discovered on other platforms and consoles. And thus, despite all the drawbacks, the system is more beneficial to the user as a workable Windows or Linux PC.

The greatest attributes of the whole design have to be the gamepad and joystick. Both of them are a quiet tribute to the Xbox and older version of the Atari consoles, respectively. The joystick, in particular, looks like a befitting tribute to the iconic design.


The product is underwhelming, and the people who want to show their fidelity to Atari, or want a dual system, should go for this product. There are huge chances that the users who have supported Atari’s crowdfunding effort to create this product might already be looking to order the system as soon as possible. Other than that, it hardly makes any sense to pay $300 just to buy a 2021 version of a 1997 PC model.

Meta Description The product named “Atari VCS” faces an identity crisis. It is a complicated combination of a hybrid gaming console and a workable PC. It falls short on both domains

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